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If you are one of the people who have gotten fed up with new consumer behaviors and, in addition, you have not known how to establish a good saving habit, this article is perfect for you.

As a debt lawyer, I am going to give you some tips so that you forget those “salary is not enough for me” and so that you can recover your financial health little by little.

In Glass family we advise you to follow these 3 alternatives that we give you so that you can solve your debt problems. Each of them will help you obtain a short-term cash flow or generate more liquidity.

Renegotiation before the Insolvency and Renewal Superintendence

money cash

This first option is about continuing to pay but with much more favorable conditions. In this case it is when creditors are proposed a less strict payment system than the one agreed from the beginning. Keep the following in mind: almost 90% of renegotiations in this entity are approved.

Voluntary bankruptcy of the assets of the debtor or debtor

Voluntary bankruptcy of the assets of the debtor or debtor

This second alternative is aimed at those people who pay more than they earn per month, those people who are indebted to the extreme. You do not need to have cars, properties or any important asset for it. As a debt lawyer, we explain that the request for bankruptcy or voluntary liquidation of assets applies to all types of people and companies.

Of course, it is essential that before choosing this option, make an evaluation with your team of trusted legal services. Believe us, in this way you will recover your cash flow and your liquidity faster. Did you know that every 9 out of 10 debt cases have a solution? So if you are very indebted, consult your trustworthy debt lawyer and get ready to have a debt free life.

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And that grew the savings: Debtors in Chile climb to 4.5 million in the third quarter Thu, 12 Sep 2019 07:43:35 +0000

Although financial surveys show that in Chile the habit of saving grows, the number of delinquent debtors fails to reverse its upward trend. In the third quarter of the year, in fact, there are already over 4 and a half million people who fall into that group.

This Thursday, the Third Debt Report of the Third Quarter 2018, published by the San Sebastián University, and in conjunction with Kwerseas and Merystals was delivered.

The numbers, which account for the evolution of unpaid debts of personal loans in Chile, revealed that both the total number of delinquents, as well as the total amount of debt, increased in the country as of September of this year. 

The upward curve slowed with respect to the trend

The upward curve slowed with respect to the trend

In total, the study estimates that in Chile there are 4,509,598 debtors, which represent a 3% higher figure than in September 2017. Regarding the total value of delinquency, that percentage did punish Chileans more: the average of the debt is located at $ 1,682,218, and grew by 9% compared to the same comparison month of 2017.

Regarding gender, women outnumber men with 2,309,660 versus 2,199,938 people, respectively. And as is the tonic through the years, retail steals the female presence, while men focus on banking.


money cash

Both banking and retail remain the sectors that capture debts. That, because of the total amount of delinquents, 40% fell in that group for retail, and 29% for debt to banks. However, and when talking about the total debt, the bulk of the money (57%) falls to financial institutions, followed by retail (18%) and real estate debts (8%).

What happens to foreigners in Chile? This sector represents only 2.25% of total defaulters in the territory. However, their pockets suffer more with debts, since their average amount is $ 2,103,211, while that of Chileans is $ 1,679,499.


The value of the debt, as the study notes, also depends on the geographical area, where northern Chile exceeds the national average. The ranking is led by the regions of Antofagasta ($ 2,293,437), Metropolitan ($ 1,910,992), Tarapacá ($ 1,897,686) and Atacama ($ 1,728,291). In Greater Santiago, meanwhile, the communes of Vitacura ($ 5,907,391), Las Condes ($ 4,713,587) and Providencia ($ 4,555,321) concentrate the largest amount of default.


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Personal finance tips to manage your debt successfully | Consolidation of loan Sat, 07 Sep 2019 07:40:34 +0000

Are you drowned in debt? Are you having trouble managing your debt? Does it look like you have to work for the rest of your life just to pay off those debts?
Well, it’s not too late for you. You must act now so as not to be burdened by debts. Of course, you want to enjoy the fruits of your work and you don’t want to end up working just to pay off those debts.

Here are some personal finance tips for successful debt management.


Control your expenses

Control your expenses

The best solution for debt management is the control of your expenses. Like what I always read and say, the fundamental basis for achieving financial freedom is “to earn more and to desire less.”

Spending less does not necessarily mean not enjoying. This means giving priority to needs and not to desires. It means living below your means.


Manage your credit cards

Manage your credit cards

Credit cards are an easy source of debt. You can buy things because you don’t need cash to do it. But with all the purchases you have made, one day you will be surprised at how big your debts have become. And without proper debt management, you could end up paying those debts for the rest of your life. Instead of being controlled by your credit cards, why not take advantage of credit cards to help manage your debt?



Manage your budget

Manage your budget


Lack of budget can ruin your plans to get out of debt. If you are not yet in debt, the lack of a budget will take you there. In a basic sense, a budget is simply a plan to save and spend your money.


Why is the debt management budget so important?

Why is the debt management budget so important?

Imagine taking a road trip across the country without a map or compass. Of course you could reach your destination after many detours and delays. Or you could get a work plan, chart your trip, get there faster and with fewer problems.

It is the same way with debt management. You can properly get out of debt without a budget, but how long would it take and how much would it cost? Instead, living on a budget will allow you to get out of debt much easier.

A budget will help you determine exactly how much you can afford to spend to get out of debt. Not only that, it helps you get more money out of your debt.
Once your debts are paid, a budget can help you keep your finances on track to avoid being in debt again. A budget will help you keep your expenses under control so you don’t have to depend on the debt at the end of the month.

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Where to save my money? | Mortgage Loan Mon, 12 Aug 2019 15:10:06 +0000

Your decision of where to save money, where you can deposit it, must be properly calculated. We tell you very best strategy.

I have a friend from who I learn a lot regarding personal finances. I, for instance , chose a bank that acquired many ATMs. He analyzed which one offered the best come back on his savings before starting his account.

He gave me a great session. I can’t lose sight of the years effective rate of come back! The TREA must be within our budgets, in our economic development strategies.

However in addition , it made myself think seriously about preserving. What we save within the economic climate has a multiplier effect on the particular economy. Your savings are utilized by the financial institution to give loans to companies to purchase machinery, brand new warehouses, more equipment; to get builders; And, of course , with regard to buyers. That money circulates and gives life to company.

On the contrary, maintaining money in a safe will not produce the same effect.

Your savings are certainly not just your savings; These are the injection of the economy. That will pay you better?


Where to open a savings

savings account

As a general rule, in our nation, rural and municipal financial savings banks offer the best prices of return on their financial savings accounts. It is your magnets to attract customers. Rather, it is common to find other types associated with strategies in banks in order to capture money from new clients: gifts and prizes.

You decide what you choose.

The important thing, consistently, is to be sure that your money is secure. The entities supervised with the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance plan and AFP belong to the particular Deposit Insurance Fund. In case the entity suffers bankrupties, the fund will react for your savings. You can check at the SBS website if the organization is monitored.

In any case, the TREA, which may be 0% or 2%, should be analyzed together with other factors:

  • Really does the account require a minimal amount?
  • Would you charge commissions?
  • Do you require an average stability?
  • How much perform they charge you to pull away?
  • What other situations do they have?


Term Deposits

mortgage credit

This can be a very interesting savings. Because the name implies, you will down payment a sum of money during a provided period. Normally, the minimal amount is S or 2, 000. The term could be 30 days or 720.

If you don’t need cash quickly, choose the furthest expression. You will see that the rate improves within the longer term.

The particular deposit is a safer and much more profitable product than a looking at or savings account. And if the particular entity offers you zero servicing cost, the possibility of choosing the particular currency in which you will save as well as the best rate in the market, also can you ask for.


Pension check funds

Pension funds

Pension money allow voluntary savings and also have conservative, half-conservative and dangerous investment portfolios.

The funds invest in nearby and international stocks plus bonds.

The greater the risk, the better profitability. However, you will not always win. That you need to be clear about.

Investment in the money must be monitored frequently. You have to be alert to move cash when trends change. Exchange it to a more traditional portfolio or withdraw this to other options.



save money

The stock market is definitely volatile and that is precisely what is definitely interesting.

  • If the financial results of the businesses are favorable, the price of their own shares will remain or develop.
  • Prices follow the demand dynamic. On low demand, prices drop.
  • International signals, such as the price of oil, the particular euro, or political downturn affect prices.

The profitability within stock market is very appreciated. Consequently , for some it is the best spot to save. Stockbrokers are properly authorized to negotiate gives by the National Supervisory Fee of Companies and Investments (CONASEV).


Foreign currencies

Foreign currencies

Buying dollars and pounds is another way to save. The particular tactic is to buy inexpensive and sell when the price rises.

It obviously has risks. Security as well as the inability to maneuver the price.


Root property

mortgage credit

Real estate property, whether housing, premises, warehouses or offices, tends to be a great place to deposit savings.

Those who choose this choice have some resources to start the business enterprise. The savings they have held in accounts and deposit, transfer them to the buy of real estate. Some set aside the savings fee towards the payment of the initial charge or the initial mortgage loan charge.

In this case, success is given by the value and not by the rate.

As you can see, the best place in order to save depends on the moment, the amount plus, of course , your goal. The very first savings will surely be in your; then in a deposit or even in the pension fund. You may have some money again and attempt stocks or buy bucks. And once you reach the particular goal, you will invest in a company.

Therefore , undeniably, the best strategy is to shift.

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Business Loan Application: Business Financing Wed, 07 Aug 2019 02:39:07 +0000

Are you a business executive, craftsman or trader? The professional credit is available to you to allow you to find the necessary financing for your investments, your projects of acquisition of goodwill or your takeovers of company. Available from professional financing agencies, this professional credit will help you launch your career and finally find the funds to promote your business. Criticism at

Online business credit

Online business credit

With online business credit, business leaders have a quick way to compare offers available in the professional finance market. So, whether it’s to find funds to start a business, buy a business, finance shares, or invest in professional equipment, you reduce the time needed to research and negotiate financing. professionals.

For your convenience, credit agencies and other financial partners of companies make available their internet portals where you can now make comparisons of professional financing. Both free and easy to access, these online comparators provide you with forms where you will indicate the nature of your project, make a small description before providing other conventional information such as the amount of your project, the cost of your personal contribution, the amount of the loan, the repayment period, the progress of the project, the date of the project, the details of the banks and brokers you have contacted before, the market in which you are find and estimate the competition.

Thanks to online professional credit, you also have access to websites that put at your service the expertise of independent professional credit brokers who will take charge of the negotiations at the bank level to find you the best financing offer. that matches your expectations. To ensure that your application for professional credit is accepted, you must submit your financing plan and activity forecast, and secure your project. And if it is a creation or a business takeover, you must provide at least 25% of personal contribution, and also provide for self-financing of miscellaneous expenses. But of course, you still have the opportunity to negotiate and find the most advantageous online business credit offer.

Professional Credit in Simulation

Professional Credit in Simulation

The business credit simulation is part of the process needed to help you find the best financing solution for your project. In fact, it only takes a few clicks to find the professional credit offers that best meet your needs and that fit your profile. With a professional credit simulation, you have the choice between two processes. The first step is to calculate the amounts of monthly payments for your business credit and for this you will indicate the loan amount, the type of project to finance, the duration of the credit and the interest rate. Once you have provided all the necessary information, do the calculation to have the amount of your monthly payments will be communicated to you. And if you need to know more, it’s possible to request a full study of your online business credit application. As for the second procedure, it allows you to search for a professional credit from the amount of a monthly payment supported by your budgets, however, you will always indicate the type of project, the duration of the loan and the rate of ‘interest.

By deciding to deepen your search for professional credit with simulation, specialized sites offer you to specify your expectations, whether you are a leader of a small business / SME, trader, craftsman, whether you are a liberal profession or are auto entrepreneur. On the site, you will be able to indicate that it is about a professional credit which will serve as goodwill, to acquire a profession vehicle, to make a repurchase of shares, to constitute a treasury or to finance various projects such as development work or equipment acquisition. From this data and after analyzing your profile, the professional loan simulation site will begin to compare the offers of its professional credit partners, as is the case for banks and crowdfunding platforms. You have access to a network of partners who will respond to your requests and you can then select the proposals that you think will be the most advantageous.

Find the best professional credit rate

Find the best professional credit rate

Finding out about the rate of professional credit is essential when you want to access the best financing offer on the market. Fortunately, this type of information is easily accessible in France and you just have to connect to sites that offer barometers indicative of professional credit rates. For example, a bank financing for a business and investment that will take between 5 to 7 years will give you access to 0.5% if you manage to find a great opportunity, but it can go up to 0.9% at home. other partners. As for the participatory financing of an equipment or development project for a reference period of 3 to 5 years, a very good rate is estimated at 5.2%, but it can go up to 6.7%. Of course, these are only examples, but it’s up to you to multiply comparisons between different offers to find the best rate of professional credit that best suits your expectations. And when you have filed your application for a professional loan, you will know immediately if your project is financeable and a specialist will contact you to discuss the details of your credit.

The business credit treasury

The business credit treasury

Your business is in a dead end and you need a financing solution type credit business cash? To help you, banks offer various types of cash loans for companies in difficulty. This is the cash facility and bank overdraft, a short-term loan that activates the debiting operation of your bank account, without a guarantee being required from the moment you arrive to prove that you have a sound financial structure and that your cash flow does not reach the value of one month’s turnover. A cash business credit can also take the form of a campaign loan comparable to a month-long overdraft to help you finance your seasonal activities.

Credit for a company in difficulty

Credit for a company in difficulty

Due to the economic crisis, the credit for ailing company has been set up to allow managers to find suitable financing. Among the banking solutions that are available to SMEs who can not manage with their cash, there is the assignment of receivables which consists of entrusting your claim to the bank which will be responsible for returning the amount due by your bank. debtor in exchange for commissions. You also have the discount or cash advance drawn from a customer debt that you will then pay back to the bank as soon as you receive the payment of the invoice. It is also possible to opt for factoring, the principle of which is to sell a customer invoice to the bank that will buy back the debt and pay the amount of the invoice to the company. Not to mention the loans for companies in difficulty that you will find with specialized organizations such as Oseo, which offers cash solutions and professional loans.

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How to Borrow Quickly Bankil Wed, 17 Jul 2019 07:47:01 +0000


Borrowing money

Borrowing money

I need to borrow money quickly. How long does it take to process a loan? Can you approve it in time? When do I get money into my account?

That’ll be paperwork again!


Bargain purchases sometimes wait. It would be nice to save, pick and buy what you need, but sometimes the most precious thing is missing – time. When a friend offers you to sell a car because it is moving abroad, but has to handle the transfer to departure in a week, then there is simply no time to investigate or handle. When a neighbor is finally willing to sell a garage or a piece of garden after all the persuasion, you can’t risk reconsidering it. If the action discount “kitchen for half” is only one weekend, so any delay would be much more expensive.

The loan from Bankil is quick.

The loan from Bankil is quick.

You can have your money the next day.

It is said that time is money – and in fact time is sometimes very expensive. So you are right to ask us: “When I apply for a loan, how quickly can you approve, process and send money? Will it be fast enough for me to miss this unique opportunity or not be overtaken by me? ”

We have good news for you – we are really fast in lending. We’re ready to rush. We expect that time is important to you.

The lending process is such that:

  • Apply for a loan (on the web or by phone)
  • Deliver the necessary documents (electronically)
  • Sign the contract (SMS only, no go anywhere)
  • We will assess the loan in return, and if we approve it, then

The speed of the first three steps is entirely up to you. Since we only need a few documents and everything is sent electronically *, they can take you even a few minutes. We evaluate the loans in return and it is common for a large part of our clients to actually receive the money within 24 hours of submitting the application to their account. We are proud of it: we will not let you wait and we will give you just when you need us. We are even here at the weekend and ready to approve your loan!

Loan for individuals from Bankil

Loan for individuals from Bankil

We give loans as a hire purchase – then everything is handled directly in the store. We will pay the goods for you and you will immediately take them home with our contract. So you do not expect to buy in installments at all.


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Private Loans Córdoba Tue, 16 Jul 2019 08:11:49 +0000

The above is very important because it is necessary that when you access the fast money, the urgent liquidity that this type of personal loans give you, it is very important that the financial and general conditions are appropriate for you and in particular credit all the conditions are They have designed thinking of a safe, comfortable and agile operation for you.

Private loans in Córdoba

Private loans in Córdoba

Through private loans in Córdoba you can have access in very good conditions to the financing you need regardless of the reason for which you need such financing through private loans in Córdoba.

The indistinct availability is for the reason that it is of the private loans in Córdoba offered by particular credit is another of the distinctive factors of the financing offered by the company, because there may be other options that depending on the type of financing that you need some other conditions. In particular credit the accounts are clear and the conditions transparent.

Wide range of financial products

Wide range of financial products

All of this is extremely important because, given the need for private loans in Córdoba, you will find a wide range of financial products, a wide range of financing solutions at your disposal to be able to cover the financial need that you raise, but you must bear in mind that the conditions that have that particular financial product and that the conditions offered to you from the financial company in question are generally the most appropriate to your needs. With private loans in Córdoba, this is guaranteed, a wide implementation throughout the national territory and an extensive reputation throughout it make the option of particular credit the safest and most appropriate option for you.

Effective and definitive solution to have personal loans

In particular credit you will find the effective and definitive solution to have personal loans whenever you need it, you will find the solution to be able to have fast money and urgent liquidity whatever your need through private loans in Córdoba of particular credit.

As mentioned, having the financial product that really suits your needs is essential, and particular credit is achieved by providing a double financial path at your disposal.

particular credit has a double specialization, since on the one hand it offers direct access to personal loans granted from private capital. This type of personal loans is quick to grant and they can be guaranteed through a wide variety of movable and also real estate property. On the other hand, particular credit is also specialized in financial intermediation, acting as a financial broker negotiating with the banking entities in order to obtain personal loans from them in the best conditions for their clients.

The variety of elements that you can finance through this type of financing is very high and reach both the scope of your personal life, as well as entering the field of your professional life. You can finance everything you can imagine with the only limit of credit capacity you can assume.

Are you thinking of buying new computer equipment for you and your family? In particular credit you will find the quick money to buy all the equipment you require. Do you need to renew all the technological equipment of your company but do not have enough liquidity to cope with it? In particular credit you will also find the answer.

The above are simply some small samples of everything that personal loans of personal credit can do for you, but in reality the range of everything that this type of loans can do for you is much broader and covers many more areas.

Pay for your children’s studies and be able to give them that training that puts them in a good position in the future, pay their children stays in other countries to learn studies or simply give them a great gift for having graduated or being an emblematic date, they are other the options that you will be able to carry out with the personal loans of particular credit.
Of course, this type of financing will also help you to finance yourself and your partner. They can renew all the furniture of the home, they can reform the whole house or they can make the trip of their dreams, they can do what they want with the personal loans of particular credit.

In addition, this type of fast money, due to its very fast condition, is ideal to cover specific situations but very urgent to solve, has it caused damage to a neighbor but does not have the necessary insurance coverage to cover the damage it has caused? Personal loans in particular credit will serve you to fulfill your obligations, to exercise your responsibility. All of the above is also applicable to cases of serious illnesses or accidents that involve having to bear costs that if not financed could not be assumed.

Cover the costs of any judicial process

Cover the costs of any judicial process

And finally, you should also know that with this type of private loans in Córdoba offered by particular credit you can also finance (among many other examples that could be given) something that is already very common to be financed in other countries such as the United States of America but that is still a great unknown for our lands: this type of personal loans can also be used to cover the costs of any judicial process.

In addition, the fast money of particular credit can be very useful if for example on some occasion you must satisfy judicial bonds (or of any kind), because this liquidity will allow you to pay them without inconvenience.

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Which banks buy debts in Peru? Thu, 04 Jul 2019 08:19:47 +0000

If you have several debts of different nature and with several institutions, you can group them into one. To find out the options available, we indicate here which banks buy debts in Peru.

It is possible to group all your bank debts into one, regardless of their nature. You can even combine debts contracted with different institutions, in another single debt contracted with another institution. This is achieved through a procedure offered by some banks, called debt consolidation, or simply purchase of debt.

What are the advantages of opting for a debt purchase?

What are the advantages of opting for a debt purchase?

  • It allows you to focus the payment of different debts on one, facilitating financial management.
  • The maintenance fees that generate debts decrease as they are focused on a single financial institution.
  • At present, there is competition between financial institutions in Peru that buy debts. This translates, in most cases, in the payment of lower interest that originates them.

Which banks buy debts in Peru?

Which banks buy debts in Peru?

1.- DEF

You can buy your debt, if it exceeds the minimum amount of 1,000 soles or $ 300.

2.- OutBank

It has an interesting option that allows you to advance payments to reduce interest. You can pay them in terms of 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.

3.- SCA

You can buy your debt from 1,000 soles, with payment term up to 60 months. It allows you to anticipate the total payment of the debt.

4.- Pomoner

This institution buys your debt, with a term of up to 72 months for payment. And it allows you to make an annual payment of up to 15% of the capital owed, without penalty.

5.- Dunker

Buy your debt up to 7 times of the salary you earn, with a minimum of 2,500 soles.

6.- Dinaju Bank

It gives you a period of 12 to 48 months, for purchase of debts from 1,000 and up to 50,000 soles.

7.- Melabank

You can buy your debt with a term of 12 to 48 months, and from 700 to 70,000

What is your best option?

What is your best option?

It is best to quote with all banks, that you can achieve here.

A home equity loan is a good option, as it is a loan that has low rates.


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