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Your decision of where to save money, where you can deposit it, must be properly calculated. We tell you very best strategy.

I have a friend from who I learn a lot regarding personal finances. I, for instance , chose a bank that acquired many ATMs. He analyzed which one offered the best come back on his savings before starting his account.

He gave me a great session. I can’t lose sight of the years effective rate of come back! The TREA must be within our budgets, in our economic development strategies.

However in addition , it made myself think seriously about preserving. What we save within the economic climate has a multiplier effect on the particular economy. Your savings are utilized by the financial institution to give loans to companies to purchase machinery, brand new warehouses, more equipment; to get builders; And, of course , with regard to buyers. That money circulates and gives life to company.

On the contrary, maintaining money in a safe will not produce the same effect.

Your savings are certainly not just your savings; These are the injection of the economy. That will pay you better?


Where to open a savings

savings account

As a general rule, in our nation, rural and municipal financial savings banks offer the best prices of return on their financial savings accounts. It is your magnets to attract customers. Rather, it is common to find other types associated with strategies in banks in order to capture money from new clients: gifts and prizes.

You decide what you choose.

The important thing, consistently, is to be sure that your money is secure. The entities supervised with the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance plan and AFP belong to the particular Deposit Insurance Fund. In case the entity suffers bankrupties, the fund will react for your savings. You can check at the SBS website if the organization is monitored.

In any case, the TREA, which may be 0% or 2%, should be analyzed together with other factors:

  • Really does the account require a minimal amount?
  • Would you charge commissions?
  • Do you require an average stability?
  • How much perform they charge you to pull away?
  • What other situations do they have?


Term Deposits

mortgage credit

This can be a very interesting savings. Because the name implies, you will down payment a sum of money during a provided period. Normally, the minimal amount is S or 2, 000. The term could be 30 days or 720.

If you don’t need cash quickly, choose the furthest expression. You will see that the rate improves within the longer term.

The particular deposit is a safer and much more profitable product than a looking at or savings account. And if the particular entity offers you zero servicing cost, the possibility of choosing the particular currency in which you will save as well as the best rate in the market, also can you ask for.


Pension check funds

Pension funds

Pension money allow voluntary savings and also have conservative, half-conservative and dangerous investment portfolios.

The funds invest in nearby and international stocks plus bonds.

The greater the risk, the better profitability. However, you will not always win. That you need to be clear about.

Investment in the money must be monitored frequently. You have to be alert to move cash when trends change. Exchange it to a more traditional portfolio or withdraw this to other options.



save money

The stock market is definitely volatile and that is precisely what is definitely interesting.

  • If the financial results of the businesses are favorable, the price of their own shares will remain or develop.
  • Prices follow the demand dynamic. On low demand, prices drop.
  • International signals, such as the price of oil, the particular euro, or political downturn affect prices.

The profitability within stock market is very appreciated. Consequently , for some it is the best spot to save. Stockbrokers are properly authorized to negotiate gives by the National Supervisory Fee of Companies and Investments (CONASEV).


Foreign currencies

Foreign currencies

Buying dollars and pounds is another way to save. The particular tactic is to buy inexpensive and sell when the price rises.

It obviously has risks. Security as well as the inability to maneuver the price.


Root property

mortgage credit

Real estate property, whether housing, premises, warehouses or offices, tends to be a great place to deposit savings.

Those who choose this choice have some resources to start the business enterprise. The savings they have held in accounts and deposit, transfer them to the buy of real estate. Some set aside the savings fee towards the payment of the initial charge or the initial mortgage loan charge.

In this case, success is given by the value and not by the rate.

As you can see, the best place in order to save depends on the moment, the amount plus, of course , your goal. The very first savings will surely be in your; then in a deposit or even in the pension fund. You may have some money again and attempt stocks or buy bucks. And once you reach the particular goal, you will invest in a company.

Therefore , undeniably, the best strategy is to shift.

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