11 brands like Zara that are even better in their own way

Sure, Zara is practical, but did you know that there are many brands like Zara that are just as affordable and stylish, without having to resort to big manufacturers or play into the environmental and creative issues of fast fashion?

Whether it’s the simple and chic vibe Zara gives off, or how her clothes manage to effortlessly fit into your existing wardrobe, Zara always presents other issues for consumers. Overproduction of clothing both results in corporate waste and further pushes behavior to constantly buy new clothing rather than recycling it. From a creative design perspective, the company is also known for developing its own affordable versions of low-cost designer looks. In the meantime, we have selected 11 brands as stylish as Zara, which offer an alternative solution and a refreshing nuance in their designs.

Whether it’s lavish knits you’re looking for, brightly colored dresses, or cool drawstring, it can be hard to find brands that tick all the right boxes that aren’t the ones we all know and love. With so many smaller, unique and sustainable clothing brands ready to be discovered, we’re here to show you all the brands like Zara to buy (a little more) independently. We’ve even picked a few of the top picks for you to shop with confidence. Be prepared to have some serious shopping cravings in 3,2,1 …

11 brands like Zara you should know

Kitri Hazel animal print dress

(Image credit: kitri)

1. Kitri

The best portable brand


Price range: From $ 67 / £ 49

Size range: United States: 4-14 / United Kingdom: 6-16

Reasons to buy

+Parts made from dead materials+Amazing statement prints

Reasons to avoid

Limited size

Kitri is based in London and the brand is full of stunning dresses, easy-to-slip blouses and knits that will enhance even the simplest outfits. Kitri also works on pre-order, so as not to overproduce product and avoid waste. The goal is to make stylish clothes truly durable, which is why many designs are created to work in multiple environments, from the office to a date. They are quite popular on Instagram and use their social media presence to announce upcoming drops or fan favorite replenishment alerts. Make sure to follow up @kitristudio to them to follow.

Never fully dressed

(Image credit: Never fully dressed)

2. Never fully dressed

The best funky brand


Price range: From $ 115 / £ 69

Size range: S-XXL

Reasons to buy

+Quality articles+Trendy pieces

Reasons to avoid

Items can sell out quickly

If you love Zara, then you’ll love Never Fully Dressed. Offering the two hottest pieces, dresses, skirts, pants and jackets, this brand is full of color and a must visit for funky clothes that turn heads. If you don’t believe us, take a look at everything from animal print pants to floral pastel hues.


(Image credit: omnes)

3. Omnes

The best sustainable brand


Price range: From $ 48 / £ 35

Size range: UK: 6-20 / US: 4-18

Reasons to buy

+Stunning dresses, tops and jumpsuits for day and night+Sustainable materials used+New brand born in London

Reasons to avoid

Limited size range

Omnes was created in London during the pandemic. In just a few short months, he quickly became a favorite among celebrities, influencers, and women interested in amazing clothes from a small rising brand. Having a slow fashion mindset, the brand uses sustainable and recycled materials to create pieces inspired by trends, but which will also stand the test of time.

House of the sun

(Image credit: House Of Sunny)

4. Sunny house

Best Celebrity Loved Brand


Price range: From $ 38 / £ 28

Size range: UK: 6-18 / US: 4-16

Reasons to buy

+Unique pieces+Trendy and sought after+Made to last

Reasons to avoid

Dear Acquired taste

Loved by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, House Of Sunny is a now iconic brand for fun partings. There is no other brand of knitwear on the market like HoS, combining gorgeous colors with wacky prints and timeless silhouettes. From their beloved Hockney dress to their latest additions of stylish t-shirts, there is something for anyone willing to be a little daring in the outfits department.


(Image credit: Anthropologie)

5. Anthropology

The best luxury brand


Price range: From $ 98 / £ 80

Size range: XS – XL +

Reasons to buy

+Luxury pieces+Made to last+Bohemian atmosphere

Reasons to avoid


Urban Outfitter’s older and more settled sister, Anthropologie combines wearable pieces with catwalk trends. Unique hippie-style pieces and classic silhouettes with innovative designs and sumptuous materials. The styles are perhaps a little more luxurious, with a chic and bohemian touch defining the collection. That said, they still have the locations and reach the locations where your order is unlikely to sell.

Nobody's child

(Image credit: Nobody’s Child)

6. Nobody’s child

The best brand of dresses


Price range: From $ 77 / £ 35

Size range: 6 – 24 (United Kingdom)

Reasons to buy

+Dresses for all occasions+Extended size chart+Timeless prints and patterns

Reasons to avoid

Not made to last

Are you looking for a dress that can really impress? Nobody’s Child offers the most dreamlike floating dresses, perfect for everyday wear or for evening cocktails. In a range of prints, colors, styles and lengths, this brand recently introduced an extended size range, perfect for curvy women. Nailing down floral print trends and fun, cool must-haves, we can’t get enough of it.


(Image credit: Monki)

7. Monki

The best brand of size-included fun


Price range: From $ 35 / £ 30

Size range: XXS – XXL

Reasons to buy

+Wide selection of sizes+Sustainability Champions+Affordable+Made to last

Reasons to avoid

Sometimes the clothes can be too bigSome parts are more expensive than others

Funky and fresh, everyone needs a bit of #MonkiStyle to spice up their life. Zara is a fun take on fashion, and Monki takes that philosophy one step further with bolder looks that always fit into our wardrobes. With inclusive sizes and exciting prints, patterns and silhouettes, Monki’s clothes are for everyone, regardless of size. From must-have basics to catwalk-worthy trends, there’s bound to be something you’ll fall in love with.

Beyond nine

(Image credit: Beyond Nine)

8. Beyond nine

The best maternity brand


Price range: From $ 120 / £ 89

Size range: XXS – XL

Reasons to buy

+International delivery+Designed for pregnancy and beyond+Versatile clothing

Reasons to avoid


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop dressing in the latest fashions, and that’s why we love Beyond Nine. Fashion made for pregnancy and beyond. Even if you’re not pregnant or never had a bump, these Beyond Nine coveralls are versatile pieces that can be worn by anyone.

Just be

(Image credit: Simply Be)

9. Just be

Best Plus Size Brand


Price range: From $ 50 / £ 37

Size range: 10–32 (United Kingdom)

Reasons to buy

+Perfect for tall people+Wide range of clothing

Reasons to avoid

Not available in the United States

Dealing for a huge range of sizes, Simply Be offers all sizes from UK 10 to UK 32 which means this brand is so much more inclusive than Zara. Following the current trends on the catwalks and on Instagram, Simply Be is a hit with curvy women in the UK. We love their dresses, pants and jackets because they always come up with new versions of these must-have garments.


(Image credit: ASOS)

10. Asos

The best all-rounder brand


Price range: From $ 36 / £ 20

Size range: XXS – XXL +

Reasons to buy

+Wide variety of clothing+Affordable+Size included

Reasons to avoid

Parts sell out quicklySizes may vary due to different brands

ASOS is the go-to destination for all clothes drying basics. Available in most regions (UK and US), it’s easy to keep up with the latest trends and research these looks through ASOS. Taking inspiration from the trends we see online and on the catwalks, ASOS knows what fashion fans are looking for: wearable knits, cult classic prints, flowy summer dresses, warm winter coats and a accessory for every look you are trying to achieve.

Greasy face

(Image credit: FatFace)

11. FatFace

The best brand every day


Price range: Starting at $ 92 / £ 59.50

Size range: 2-20 (United States)

Reasons to buy

+Sustainable sourcing of materials+Size included+Made to last

Reasons to avoid

Can sell out quickly

This brand is like Zara, but with an easy seaside vibe. If you like the flowing collections that Zara offers during the summer months, FatFace is a sure-fire winner in your wardrobe. Defending sustainability at the heart of its philosophy, this brand offers a range of easy-to-wear basics as well as an abundance of more luxurious pieces. The great thing about this brand is that each of their garments is always luxurious, each one made from quality materials. FatFace is the best kept secret when it comes to wearing high end fashion.

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