13 things stylist Kelly Augustine would buy again


Over 132,000 subscribers know Kelly Augustine as a size-inclusive fashion arbiter. She has spent the past year taking her bold style from our Instagram feeds to the red carpet, styling curvy clients like Danielle Brooks and Gabourey Sidibe. “One of the things that I have found when talking to clients is that there is no one who is really focused on we,” she says BAZAAR.com about his new business. “I feel very connected with the work that I do because I am also a fat woman and a black woman.”

The past year has not only been devoted to new career developments. It was also a period of style exploration. Augustine, like many of us, found herself wearing fewer heels and more sneakers for a hybrid work world. But her approach to comfortable clothing is higher than simple loungewear sets: “If I have to wear something comfortable, I always want to make a statement,” she says.

Part of that statement comes from the bright colors and exaggerated silhouettes; the other is the story behind the clothes. Augustine buys exclusively from small black-owned businesses whenever she can. Clothing that ticks both boxes may be limited in plus sizes, but Augustine is always looking for them. “We’ve come a long way as an industry, but I think there’s still a lot to do when it comes to inclusion, especially around size diversity,” she says. Before, Augustine shares the 13 Lucky pieces she would buy more than once, all imbued with her eye for inclusive and emerging brands.

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Disco Dreams open back dress

“The designer is based in Los Angeles, and she’s one of my best friends. I love her, but I spend so much money on her stuff! I love that this dress can be dressy or casual. have it in another fabric, and I wore it with a denim jacket in the summer. This one, you can wear it with a fur coat and heels, or whatever you want to wear. ”


Large Ana Tote

“I actually just found out about this brand a few weeks ago. I noticed that a bunch of my friends in the industry all had this bag. We have our Brandon Blackwood, we have our Telfar, and that’s the new It bag, and that’s another black owned business.

“It comes in a small purse and a large tote. If you look at the bigger bag and the way it wraps around your arm, it’s very visually striking. I love big, over-the-top statement bags. . “


Lipstick cake paste

“This brand is specially designed for brown tones. Every shade of red goes for every shade of melanin. And it’s matte, but not drying out.”


Reversible bob

“It’s one of those brands that’s like, if you know, you know. And if you’ve got it, we’re one. I love this hat so much. It’s another piece that I usually put if I’m on the set or I’m shopping. ”


Foxxy sandal

“Again, I’m all about the statement piece. These shoes are perfect with just a pair of jeans or a black dress. You don’t have to wear much with them, but it looks like you. you care and you got dressed. ”


Jessie 1.0 jacket

“This brand uses all original vintage materials. I was a judge on a show called Thick house and the fashion show stylist introduced me to this brand. Every time I wear this jacket, someone asks me where it is from. “


Pomango [BUTTR]

“My skin gets very dry, very quickly, so I don’t use any regular lotion. The petroleum jelly was starting to get a little heavy, so I found skinBUTTR a few years ago, and it’s really the only thing I did. I use on my skin now. It sells out quickly, but the scents are nice and the consistency stays the same regardless of the temperature. ”


Iconic nail set and candle

“I’m really a salon girl, and the first few months of my quarantine I struggled. My hands were scary. So there were a few experiences finding a good newspaper company. Gracie J is the owner of The Editorial Nail, and she was actually one of my nail technicians before my forties. She really cares about healthy nails, so this nail kit has cuticle oils and cute sticks to put everything on and take off. . This kit is a little more special because of it, and its designs are on fire. “


Jane glasses

“I literally wear these glasses every day. I wear prescription glasses and want to get a prescription in these frames. I love them because they’re not as opaque – I can wear them indoors, and no one thinks I’m crazy! They are of such high quality. For a long time, I bought glasses knowing I was going to lose them. Now that I’m spending more money on glasses, I’m really focusing on glasses that won don’t fold and won’t want to lose – and that’s that pair. “


Loryn print long dress

“I have a soft spot for turtleneck dresses, and I wear them all year round. With this one, I love the bold and striking graphic pattern. It’s also something you can wear. with heels or a pair of sneakers. “


Sensual Drift Candle

“I bring these candles everywhere. This candle travels all over the house and you don’t have to burn it for very long. If you burn it for a while, the smell stays there.”


Sun God earrings

“I’m from the upscale neighborhoods. I’m from the Bronx. So for me, all you need is a good pair of trendy earrings. I usually wear a bodysuit, sweatpants, and a chunky pair of hoops, and I feel like this earring is an iteration of that. They’re beautiful, they’re fat, and they’re a conversation starter. “


DRKSHDW TURBODRK high-top trainers

“I’m a Converse girl. I have a pair of cream platforms that I always wear on set and when I run and shop. When I saw this pair of Rick Owens, that uphill battle they have in front of ? Love it. It’s that basic shoe that’s just a little raised. It’s interesting enough that people ask you about it. “

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