2022 Ford Bronco adds Blowout Green Metallic to its color scheme

A pair of Ice White Mustangs aren’t the only goodies Ford has brought to the Woodward Dream Cruise. Detroit’s car-palooza celebrates the original Ford Bronco this year. So Ford introduced a 2022 model year Bronco at the show in one of next year’s new colors: Eruption Green Metallic. Earlier this month, we wrote about a rumor about a leak of next year’s Bronco color palette, but the leak only mentioned eight of the current 11, all eight available now. Ford had previously admitted that the Bronco would get new colors next year, and the Bronco Nation forum said one of them would be green. The automaker this year faked a light green striped Bronco Fire Rig concept, created with outerwear maker Filson. Eruption Green Metallic is the real deal – the wild hue we imagined was on its way after the palette leaked.

Ford calls the new color an update to the mallard green, which was available on the original Bronco. This one is “inspired by evergreen, with yellow highlights that really connects it to nature.” Another scribe wrote that “the new color features yellow highlights that make it look like a coniferous forest at sunrise,” a line that appears to come directly from the emcee at the first event in Woodward.

The second color Ford announced for next year’s Bronco is Chilli Red Metallic Tinted Lacquer. The new Ranger offered this color but abandoned it for Race Red and Rapid Red; now the next Maverick features Hot Pepper Red. A member at Bronco6G forum apparently unearthed an image of a Hot Pepper Red Bronco from Ford’s config files, but it lacks the vivid color tint’s sparkle.

The new green and new red will be available on all Broncos in the lineup, a treat for entry-level and Big Bend Bronco buyers who don’t have access to the full palette this year. The new colors join Area 51, Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber ​​Orange, Iconic Silver, Oxford White, Race Red, Shadow Black and Velocity Blue.

Ford says the antimatter blue, fast metallic red tinted varnish, and metallic lightning blue will be phased out in 2022, but the flash blue was only available on the first edition, which sold out a long time ago. The other two colors will remain on the menu until the end of the current model year.

For all those Bronco buyers who have seen their 2021MY orders pushed back to 2022 and configured their truck with Antimatter Blue or Rapid Red, it’s probably time to call. Or can Ford interest you in an evergreen forest at sunrise?

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