A shop in Hyderabad developed Ihram for Haj and Umrah to absorb heat and cold

Hyderabad: As the annual Haj season approaches, the Mohammad Cap Mart (MCM) has organized the sale and display of ihram garments and other paraphernalia for male and female pilgrims at its premises in Pathargatti.

As the climax of the Haj is expected to coincide with the height of summer in Makkah Mukarrama in Saudi Arabia, special care has been taken to ensure that pilgrims remain comfortable donning the ihram despite the heat. intense. The soft and fine-textured cotton ihram procured from well-known textile factories inside and outside the country is skin-friendly.

According to Ilyas Bukhari, Managing Director of MCM, the upcoming Haj which will take place in July will see temperatures fluctuate between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius. During this period, Makkah also experiences rains. The combination of heat and rain makes for sweltering weather. Under these conditions it is important that the ‘ihram’ that one wraps is both absorbent and of high quality. An ihram that absorbs sweat and raindrops – which fights the scorching sun and brings comfort to Hajis. Many pilgrims face skin problems during Haj rituals because the ihram fabric is substandard. Therefore, MCM’s R&D wing has come up with an appropriate ihram after intense research, Bukhari said.

A well-known religious scholar, Maulana Mufti Sadiq Mohiuddin Faheem, said that ihram is the first obligatory rite of Haj and Umrah without which there can be no pilgrimage. It is in a way the uniform of the pilgrims. At the moment when one enters the sacred state by donning the two pieces of unsewn cloth with the intention of Haj and Umrah, a Muslim forbids himself all those things which were previously permitted such as performing the nikha, perfume, shave, etc., explained the mufti.

After wearing the ihram, pilgrims submit completely to Allah (swt). Usually the ihram is white in color – a symbol of uniformity and equality. Everyone is dressed the same, whether king or poor. No difference remains. The ihram fabric is unstitched probably to recall the shroud. Being the first obligatory rite of Umrah and Haj, ihram needs to be given more attention, the Mufti said.

After putting on the ihram, one should refrain from speaking vulgarly and occupy oneself with remembering Allah (swt) and offering durood (greetings) to the Messenger of Allah. He congratulated future pilgrims undertaking the consecrated journey.

Apart from ihram, the 112-year-old MCM offers a range of items needed during the Haj season like ihram belt, pocket prayer mat, sleeping bags, shoulder bags, umbrella, caps, prayer beads, leather socks, printed cotton scarf, miswak. The whole package of 26 items comes for Rs. 4500. If someone wants to buy just the ihram, it costs between Rs. 450 to Rs. 1500.

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