CHP operational with RECCO SAR Helicopter Finder

RECCO press release | February 22, 2022

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The California Highway Patrol, Valley Division Air Operations, is the sixth search and rescue organization to be operational in the United States with the RECCO SAR helicopter finder. The detector will be used to search for missing persons outdoors all year round.

CHP is the first organization in California to adopt the RECCO SAR helicopter detector. Photo cogeneration

Many SAR teams in California are equipped with RECCO handheld detectors for avalanche rescue and missing person search, but this is the first time the RECCO SAR helicopter detection system has been operational in the state. .

“It is a real milestone to be operational with the RECCO SAR helicopter detection system in the State of California. Having such an experienced organization like the California Highway Patrol on board is an honor and we look forward to working with them to improve outdoor search and rescue techniques,” said RECCO CEO Fredrik Steinwall.

The RECCO SAR Helicopter Finder can be used all year round. RECCO Photo

The RECCO SAR Helicopter Finder can quickly search large areas, covering 1 km2 in 6 minutes. In addition to shortening search time, the helicopter-borne detector can reduce time and risk exposure for rescuers during search missions.

RECCO rescue reflectors are commonly found in outdoor clothing and gear, such as backpacks, hiking boots and helmets. Other applications include climbing harnesses, where Black Diamond recently introduced its first-ever RECCO-equipped Technician harness. The first hunting brand to incorporate RECCO reflectors into their products in 2020 is FORLOH, an American company based in Whitefish, Montana.

There are currently 27 RECCO SAR helicopter detectors worldwide, including nine in North America and 18 units deployed in Europe. Latest deployments include Teton County Search-and-Rescue (USA), Vernon Search & Rescue (CAN) and a RECCO SAR helicopter finder based in Abruzzo and operated by Italy’s CNSAS.

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