Education and equality will change the fast fashion narrative

How is it possible that an item of clothing is cheaper than a sandwich? How can a product that needs to be sown, grown, harvested, combed, spun, knitted, cut and sewn, finished, printed, labeled, packaged and transported cost a few dollars? It’s impossible….! I believe in a new form of marketing that comes from science and is really interested in how people and their products interact and from there, trying to see how that influences the future.

This insightful statement was quoted by Li Edelkoort, the 71-year-old Dutch forecaster, who anticipates future trends in fashion and design. She has been the founder and CEO of Trend Union since 1986. In a podcast recently covered by Imran Ahmed on Business of Fashion (BoF), the issue of fast fashion and its value became the center of discussion. It really sheds light on some real facts of the fashion industry from the perspective of great thinkers and how the future should be shaped by the roots of the textile industries.

With fashion schools training the future community leaders, designers and entrepreneurs who define the narratives of fashion culture, the aforementioned elements could be the very few that could be the source of changing the dominant mindset and to nurture more meaningful products on the market to offer to consumers.

Fashion education and praise of work

Fashion institutes often project students into the fixed ideas that are part of the curriculum that is disconnected from the real ethical value system of clothing sourcing and production. Presenting this garment on the catwalk to symbolize fashion should ideally include respect and justice for the work that has gone into making it.

Teaching students not only to create a garment that sells, but also to enlighten them with the insight of an entire value chain of modern clothing and rapid production will equip them with the right balance of knowledge and respect towards the pioneers of production. .

Fashion fundamentals

The fast-paced fashion industry is as important as any corporate industry, whether it’s Bollywood movies or political campaigns, business ventures, or technological inventions. Recognition of the quality of workmanship must be an essential element in all industries. It is high time that the workers and workers in the fast fashion garment garment industry get the recognition and credit they deserve for the hard work that has been squeezed out, the hours worked overtime and always earned the paycheck. the lowest. If fashion brands start doing their inventories in order to mention the details of clothing manufacturers, processes and what their minimum wages are, it could help the whole system to recognize and therefore simplify regulations down to the lower level of consumers. garment workers. Is keeping all production value in the dark an acceptable idea? The answer to this recurring question will come from the approval or rejection of ethical production certification.

Textile manufacturing: The biggest piece of cake

According to the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency – Invest India, the national textile and clothing industry contributes 5% of India’s GDP, where 7% of the industry’s output in value and 12% of the country’s export earnings are obtained. India is the world’s 6th largest exporter of textiles and clothing. The

The textile industry is at the heart of the fashion world, but conveying the right kind of awareness and importance towards textiles is still largely lacking in many fashion industries.

Get the workers on board

Brands need to assess textiles and their various fabrics in detail, especially if they are handcrafted. Greenwash’s promises must match their environmental claims. Shedding light on the legitimate benefits of the textile industries will accelerate real progress towards sustainability and build a robust system that uses craftsmanship and artisans to create unique collections. Being mindful of fabric choices will not only bring the best quality into the demand and supply cycle, but will also serve as the balance between the proliferation of green products and the fetish of buying a fad that is. adapts to defined values. Before the sustainable development movement loses its influence on the textile industries to accelerate real progress, it is important to incorporate workers; commitment to ensuring the ethical manufacture of certain products.

New 2021 agreement for garment workers

91 clothing brands and retailers signed an international agreement for health and safety in the clothing and textile industry by renewing another old agreement on September 1, 2021. Participating brands became more engaged in global expansion in other countries. A new agreement will be implemented through the International Accord Foundation in the Netherlands. Major fashion production companies sourcing from Bangladesh, India and China including H&M, Zara (Inditex), Gap, VFS Corporation, Primark, Desigual, Tommy Hilfiger (PVH), Calvin Klein and Vero Moda (Bestseller ) are working on safety workers by signing this international agreement. However, after the suffering endured due to COVID-19 due to canceled orders and falling wages, most workers in the garment industries are looking for assured wages and safety requirements as a primary need.

Predict the future by creating it

Where many brands have turned their backs on workers and the measures taken for their safety, there is no doubt that in addition to greenwashing, ethical reviews can also take place where fashion becomes a question of identity, luxury and lifestyle at its peak. Looking forward to the respect and recognition of the fashion foundation will be a good way forward. Creating reputable and quality pieces rather than encouraging quantitative creativity for rapid turnover does not fit into the ethical avant-garde ideology. Fast fashion seems to reject anything that holds the values ​​and history of a garment that can be preserved with a vintage heritage, as well as hard work well rewarded.

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