Horace Page: Wallpaper * Next Generation 2022

Horace Page: reformulating 18th century military attire for modernity

Our Next Generation 2022 showcase highlights 22 exceptional graduates from around the world, in seven creative fields. Here we present fashion graduate Horace Page, from Central Saint Martins, UK

Born and based in London, menswear designer Horace Page takes inspiration from the symbolism associated with the British countryside and city, creating hybrid silhouettes that reinterpret clothing associated with certain traditions and social spheres, and formulate them into something something new.

Page – one of 22 outstanding new talents from around the world featured in the January 2022 Next Generation issue of Wallpaper – re-uses clothing associated with upper-class outdoor activities, including 18th-century military clothing and apparel formal hunting bags, for the street. “My intention is to examine an alienation between city and country,” he says.

Presentation of the Horace page

Clothing, all from Horace Page

In the collection of graduates of the Central Saint Martins MA Fashion de Page, clothes are given a new context. The formal becomes informal. Rigidity acquires a new ease. “The woolen suit is boiled to remove structure and leave clothes that do not need to be maintained; they can be crumpled up and worn right after, ”explains Page. “Donegal tweed is sliced ​​over windproof nylon garments, leaving the raw edges to fray together. Second-hand knits are embroidered under nylons and cut to reveal its colors, then boiled to distort and shrink the shapes. ‘

As part of his research process, Page revisited films, including period dramas from 1975 Barry lyndon, a social escalation story based on a novel by William Thackeray and Trainspotting, a black comedy-drama on the subject of drug addiction. “They made me examine the idea of ​​a character’s free will or lack of it, and how that plays out in their lives based on the circumstances they were born into,” Page adds.

Wallpaper * Next generation 2022

Other young talents to watch out for – dubbed ’22 Rising Stars for 2022′ and from creative fields spanning design, jewelry, transportation, architecture, photography, fashion and visual communication – can be discovered in the January 2022 Next Generation issue of Wallpaper *, and in this ongoing series at Wallpaper.com. §

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