How to Borrow Quickly Bankil


Borrowing money

Borrowing money

I need to borrow money quickly. How long does it take to process a loan? Can you approve it in time? When do I get money into my account?

That’ll be paperwork again!


Bargain purchases sometimes wait. It would be nice to save, pick and buy what you need, but sometimes the most precious thing is missing – time. When a friend offers you to sell a car because it is moving abroad, but has to handle the transfer to departure in a week, then there is simply no time to investigate or handle. When a neighbor is finally willing to sell a garage or a piece of garden after all the persuasion, you can’t risk reconsidering it. If the action discount “kitchen for half” is only one weekend, so any delay would be much more expensive.

The loan from Bankil is quick.

The loan from Bankil is quick.

You can have your money the next day.

It is said that time is money – and in fact time is sometimes very expensive. So you are right to ask us: “When I apply for a loan, how quickly can you approve, process and send money? Will it be fast enough for me to miss this unique opportunity or not be overtaken by me? ”

We have good news for you – we are really fast in lending. We’re ready to rush. We expect that time is important to you.

The lending process is such that:

  • Apply for a loan (on the web or by phone)
  • Deliver the necessary documents (electronically)
  • Sign the contract (SMS only, no go anywhere)
  • We will assess the loan in return, and if we approve it, then

The speed of the first three steps is entirely up to you. Since we only need a few documents and everything is sent electronically *, they can take you even a few minutes. We evaluate the loans in return and it is common for a large part of our clients to actually receive the money within 24 hours of submitting the application to their account. We are proud of it: we will not let you wait and we will give you just when you need us. We are even here at the weekend and ready to approve your loan!

Loan for individuals from Bankil

Loan for individuals from Bankil

We give loans as a hire purchase – then everything is handled directly in the store. We will pay the goods for you and you will immediately take them home with our contract. So you do not expect to buy in installments at all.


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