“I didn’t feel beautiful growing up, but now I’m a plus size model helping other women feel good”

At 15, dreaming of becoming a fashion journalist, West Londoner Lauren-Nicole Coppin Campbell started a fashion blog.

She had no idea that by the age of 23 she would have over 52,000 Instagram followers, be the Curve Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine, New Look Brand Ambassador and a voice of prominent in plus size fashion and body positivity.

Her popular Instagram page sees her styling gorgeous outfits and offering style advice for plus size women, while promoting a healthy attitude towards self-esteem and self-care that values ​​mental and physical health.

She advocates for better choices in plus size fashion and allows taller women to wear clothes that make them feel good, rather than being trapped in a mid-2000s Trinny and Susannah-style wardrobe that focus more on what they can’t do than on what. they can.

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size women learn to love themselves and their bodies with eye-catching fashion that doesn’t compromise on color or pattern” content=”https://i2-prod.mylondon.news/incoming/article22411859.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_74F148F9-5DAB-410F-926A-78982E62E2A2JPG.jpg”/>
Lauren is helping thousands of plus size women learn to love themselves and their bodies with eye-catching fashion that doesn’t compromise on color or pattern

“We want to wear the same things our short friends are wearing”

For decades, plus size fashion simply did not exist. Big brands, glossy magazines and TV shows have told taller women they can’t wear certain colors, prints, fabrics and styles because they’re not “for them” – instead of. that they should dress in darker colors and muted prints, not drawing attention to themselves.

“We may live in a country that is prone to drizzle more often, but that shouldn’t be reflected in the clothes,” jokes Lauren, an advocate for plus size fashion.

“Clothing generally, especially for plus size women, is very dark, gray, in palettes and neutral tones. While there are some women who absolutely love having an all-black ensemble, there are some who want to wear brighter colors and clothes that make them feel good and give them a boost.

“We want to see more colors, we want to see fun silhouettes, we want to see the same things our smaller friends are wearing.

“There shouldn’t be such a difference between what you can get in the main range and what you can get in a curve range.”

For plus-size women who want to explore fashion but don’t know where to start, Lauren’s advice is simple: “wear things that make you feel good.”

She said: “My main advice would be to forget everything Trinny and Susannah, Gok Wan told you, all those shows from the early 2000s that say we shouldn’t be wearing horizontal stripes, no prints, should try and [wear] as much as possible black and solid colors.

“Go over there and wear things that make you feel good. [Though] if it’s a black piece, a little black dress or whatever, then wear it. Forget the trends, ditch all those old notions of how you “should” dress, and shop for yourself.

“As long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say.”

Lauren says self-esteem is
Lauren says self-esteem is “doing what’s best for you during that period of time.”

“We are all human, we all have days when we don’t feel the best”

The social media ‘body positivity’ movement encourages people to love each other no matter what, by embracing and celebrating whatever makes them who they are.

However, this can lead to unwanted side effects, such as people feeling that on off days they have somehow failed at body positivity because they don’t like a certain part of themselves. .

Despite the fact that she’s been a model since she was a teenager and has an Instagram page full of stunning photos in amazing outfits, Lauren is the first to admit that she still has rough days where she feels less sure of herself. she.

“I know what it’s like to grow up feeling like an outcast, not looking pretty,” she said.

“[Body positivity, for me, is] it’s not about always loving every part of your body, but also about embracing and accepting where you are.

“We’re all human, we all have days when we don’t feel good. I want to save those moments of knowing that I might feel good. [bad] today, but tomorrow I might feel good. “

As a result, Lauren practices love for herself by taking care of herself, prioritizing mental health, and taking care of her body in the way that suits her best that day.

Some days she’ll go to the gym, other days she’ll go for a nice walk in the great outdoors – “find what works best for your body,” she says.

“Right now, my body positivity feels like a healing journey, doing therapy, making sure I move my body, and fueling my body with good, healthy things,” she added.

“Sometimes it’s [as simple as] bubble bath, get my nails done – it’s just a matter of doing what’s best for you during that period of time. “

She added that one of the best decisions she’s ever made to feel more confident in her body was to stop following all the social media accounts that made her feel bad about herself and find the ones that made her feel bad about herself. made them feel good.

Lauren said, “You can make it your own, you can be the person who has the power and controls the way you experience social media – so why not control that and make it a good experience, rather than a bad one?”

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Lauren says the best part of her job is the adorable messages she receives from women who feel empowered to explore their personal style and have fun with fashion, and she loves hearing tall women say what to do with it. point they feel “incredible” to see a woman. who resembles them “possessing his body”.

“Ask women to tell me how amazing they felt when they bought something that they saw on me that they might have thought it wouldn’t look good on them, but then they got it. tried and are absolutely obsessed with how they look and feel – that’s the most amazing feeling, ”she said.

“If I could just bottle this, I would – there’s no such thing.”

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