I own a boutique – here are 3 easy ways to tell if a new pair of jeans will fit you WITHOUT trying them on

TRYING ON clothes in a store fitting room can be mortifying and exhausting.

A savvy store owner has kept his followers out of trouble by showing three ways to determine if a pair of jeans will fit, without even trying them on.


Grace is the owner of Glamor and Grace boutique in Rosebud, MissouriCredit: TikTok/glamourandgraceboutique
The neck test is one of three methods to check the fit of jeans without trying them on


The neck test is one of three methods to check the fit of jeans without trying them onCredit: TikTok/glamourandgraceboutique

Grace is the owner of Glamor & Grace Boutique, a women’s clothing store in Rosebud, Missouri that offers a wide variety of cute and casual styles.

In a recent TikTok video, Grace walked viewers through her methods for checking if jeans will fit without stepping into a fitting room.

“Let’s talk about denim hacks,” Grace said in her introduction.

“I’m going to show you the three ways to know if your jeans are going to fit you without trying them on in the store,” she explained.

Grace used a basic pair of skinny jeans to run all three tests.

She noted that the tests may not work for all body types or styles of jeans, and if in doubt, it’s best to try a high-rise or low-rise style in person.


The first test Grace demonstrated takes only seconds, and it’s even faster if your hair is already in a ponytail.

“It’s so easy, and probably the most common,” Grace explained.

“The first thing you want to do is get rid of all your hair.”

For this method, “you only want to test on your neck,” she pointed out.

Grasp each end of the belt and pull the waist of the jeans around your neck like a choker.

Pull both ends towards the center of your neck.

“If it hits perfectly like that, you know you’ll have a good fit,” Grace said.

But if the belt is struggling to fit around your neck, or if there’s an overlap between the ends of the denim, the pair isn’t snug.


Grace cautioned that she wasn’t sure the forearm method would work for plus-size jeans, but she demonstrated it just in case viewers wanted a second method for measuring the width of jeans. jeans.

Start by making a fist with one hand, then tuck your forearm into the jeans.

“Start from your elbow,” Grace said, tucking your elbow into one side of the waistband and pushing your fist into the other side.

The jeans should fit snugly on your forearm.

“If you get a perfect fit like this, that’s another way to tell if it’s going to fit your size,” the fashion pro said.


The final test shared by Grace will test the length of the jeans in question.

A simple method, which requires you to spread the jeans wide and compare their length to the span of your arms.

“Hold your jeans inside out and spread your arms out,” Grace explained.

Grab either cuff in your fists, spread your arms as far apart as possible, and note where the center of the jeans falls.

“If you have the inseam of the jeans directly under your chin, sitting at the neck, you know you’re going to have a good lengthwise fit,” Grace said.

Flip a pair of jeans over and stretch your arms out to check the length


Flip a pair of jeans over and stretch your arms out to check the lengthCredit: TikTok/glamourandgraceboutique

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