I’m a 34DD — These are the pieces that suit my wardrobe

My opinion : Yes, this is another dress, but to be honest dresses have always been the safest bet when it comes to fitting my biggest bust. There is no need to worry about the girls stepping out when you are safe in a dress, which is why when the Who What Wear Collection Stella Cutout dress dropped I immediately added it to my cart. Can you blame me? Everything from the elegant cutouts on the sleeves to the length of the dress is perfect. In terms of fit, I must admit that I was only able to test the dress on a small size, which is not my favorite size. That being said, the fabric (a recycled polyester yarn) is a lot more stretchy than I expected, so I was able to make the dress work for the day until I could order it in a medium.

Once I tried on my full size in the white version I was much more comfortable with the fit. It’s still a bit tight around the arms and armpits, but I didn’t feel like my breasts were as squashed as the smaller size. Before purchasing this piece, I recommend that you think about how you want it to fit your body. If you are like me and don’t mind things a little tight, please choose your appropriate size. If you want it to fit more loosely around your arms and chest, take a size up. No matter which size you land on, know that once you put this dress on you won’t want to take it off (I know I didn’t).

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