John Lewis spots trends in a year of containment

Research by John Lewis – who owns a store in Cheltenham – reveals that some of the defining products last year include tents, air fryers, trampolines and Crocs.

This year’s Shop, Live, Look report from the retailer looks back at the products and trends that shaped the year.

Tent sales increased 650%, air fryers – which simulate frying without all the oil – increased 400%, trampolines rebounded 270%.

The survey found that UK consumers have adapted to the lockdown by redesigning their living spaces to make way for home offices and exercise equipment, such as Peloton bikes.

Meanwhile, the outdoor space has become the “new interior” as sales of spas, outdoor furniture and accessories have skyrocketed.

Sales of 2-in-1 laptops – which can also turn into tablets when their keyboard is detached have plummeted. Conversely, laptops with larger screens were in demand.

Ties – without formal attire – were down three-quarters. Sales of thongs declined as customers switched to more comfortable and practical underwear.

It was also the year that TV screens became the new storefronts, with viewers embracing the fashion and lifestyle trends they watched on shows such as Friends: The Reunion, Line of Duty. and Clarkson’s Farm.

Despite travel restrictions, swimsuits were in higher demand than ever this summer – Speedo control swimsuits and briefs were among the most popular products.

Beauty became about skin care rather than makeup as people had more time for their wellness routines and the trend for comfortable sleepwear continued.

Meanwhile, the nation fell in love with the filing cabinets, which the store stopped selling this year.

The way people shop has also changed. The site now represents between 60% and 70% of sales, compared to 40% before Covid. Customers expect flexibility and convenience more than ever.

Pippa Wicks, Executive Director of John Lewis, said: “The unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021 have left a permanent mark on the way we buy, live and look like. People have become clearer about what matters to them and their work-life balance has changed. towards life. “

The retailer started a furniture rental service with Fat Llama, the peer-to-peer rental market dubbed “the Airbnb for Things.” It offers more than 500 products, including beds, desks and bar stools, intended for “generation rent”. 86% of the available products were rented within the first 48 hours.

Modular outdoor sofas sold strongly as people lounged outside. Sales of outdoor rugs increased by 50%. Fireplaces and garden heaters increased by almost 1,000% in October and November 2020, with lockdown rules restricting meetings outside.

While sales of suspenders, bustiers and garters fell by a quarter, sales of more comfortable lingerie and crop tops increased in similar proportions. It seems fashion experts were right when, in early 2020, they predicted three clothing trends would dominate the lockdown: sporty, baggy, and sexy.

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