July 5 is the deadline to register for the August 2 Ohio primary

Voter registration deadline for August primary nears

COLUMBUS — The deadline for Ohioans to register to vote for the Aug. 2 primary is July 5, and early voting begins July 6.

Ohio voters will find the following races on their Aug. 2 primary ballot:

  • Ohio House of Representatives
  • Ohio Senate
  • Democratic State Central Committee
  • Republican State Central Committee
  • Local issues and measures impacting their communities

All necessary voting information is available online at the Ohio Secretary of State’s voter toolkit, VoteOhio.gov. Once there, Ohio voters can download the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA), check their voter registration status, find their voting location, view their sample ballot, and track the status of their absentee ballot.

Stand by your veteran’s banner on July 2

Supporters of the Marion Military Banner Campaign are asking family members and friends of veterans who are featured in the banners hung at Marion to participate in a special tribute on Independence Day weekend. Family and friends are invited to stand by the banners representing their loved ones from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 2. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1117 and other local volunteers worked to have the banners placed around Marion. The banners feature Marion County veterans who resided in Marion when they entered active duty or currently reside in Marion County.

Take steps to minimize contact with ticks

COLUMBUS — Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to be cautious and take steps to minimize contact with Ohio’s tick species this summer, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Division (ODNR). ). Ticks are found throughout Ohio and sometimes carry potentially dangerous diseases.

When spending time outdoors, take precautions to prevent a tick from attaching itself to the skin. Treat outdoor clothing with permethrin-based repellents according to label instructions. Tuck pants into socks or boots and shirts into pants to keep ticks off clothing. It may help to wear light-colored clothing, which will make it easier to spot ticks. Check clothing and skin carefully for any attached ticks after any outdoor excursion, and don’t forget to check pets and equipment as well.

Any attached ticks should be removed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of contracting tick-borne diseases. To remove a tick, use tweezers or gloved hands. Grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out with steady, even pressure.

Ohio has three medically important tick species: the American dog tick, the blacklegged tick, and the lone star tick. All three species have the potential to transmit disease to humans and pets. The highest risk of contracting a tick-borne disease occurs from June to August, but Lyme disease is possible year-round.

More information about these and other tick species, along with photos to help with identification, can be found on the Ohio Department of Health webpage. To learn more about tick-borne diseases and their symptoms, visit cdc.gov/ticks.

Township of Bowling Green 2023 budget public hearing set

BOWLING GREEN TWP. — The Township of Bowling Green Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on the 2023 Township Budget in a special session beginning at 7 p.m. on July 12 at the Township Building, Ohio 37 and Guthery Road.

A copy of the budget is available for public inspection before it is passed by contacting Township Tax Officer Robin Anderson at 740-499-3986.

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