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We welcome Letters to the Editor, a chance for community members to comment on issues that matter to them. All letters must be originals, not duplicates of letters addressed to public officials or written by others. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author of the letter and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication, its editors, publisher or staff.

For the editor:
I would just like to comment on the wonderful dance recital given and performed by the students of Brooke’s School of Dance on Mother’s Day weekend.
The theme of the show was “Christmas in May”, but as everyone was beautiful and happy. Yes, we can all use a little more joy throughout the year. The costumes were gorgeous, as they complemented each number.
The talent and flow of the show was very well done. I liked to sing and keep the rhythm with the songs.
We are very fortunate that Brooke continues Dorinda’s legacy in our town of Merrill.
We know she will continue to bring us recitals like this in the years to come for our children.

– Sincerely, Marsha Phelps
Proud grandmother of students, Ari and Reegan Phelps
Merrill, Wis.

For the editor:
Inflation hurts everyone. We dramatically remember this pain every time we go shopping or try to fill our car’s gas tank.
There is one place in Merrill, however, where you can avoid this problem – the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store on Main Street. Prices are still very low there for lightly used clothing, toys for children of all ages and household items that are guaranteed to work. The store also offers a variety of furniture at unbeatable prices.
If you have never visited the store, you will be pleasantly surprised. The receipt of donated items has increased significantly now that donations are welcome during normal store hours, Thursday through Saturday. This means that “new” elements are added to the soil every day.
Perhaps the best feature of the store is that all proceeds go directly to the outreach program which provides emergency assistance to individuals and families in our community. The Thrift Store is a place where inflated prices were never allowed.

–Thomas F. Mueller
Merrill, Wis.

Letters to Editor’s Policy:
*Letters must be 250 words or less. (There will be no exceptions to this. Any letter over 250 words will not be printed.)
*The author should include their full name, full address, and a phone number where they can be easily reached for verification. Telephone numbers and addresses will not be published, but will be used for verification purposes, if necessary. Letters should be signed and the name, city and state will be printed.
*Letters may be edited for style, grammar and length. Form letters or those which we deem to be defamatory or slanderous will not be accepted. Any letter deemed derogatory, inflammatory or involving vulgar language will not be published. We reserve all rights to reject material submitted to this publication.
*Letters will be posted on a “first come, first served” basis. Any letters that we are unable to publish in the print journal may be posted online at www.merrillfotonews.com and/or may be printed in the journal at a later date.

Political Letters to Editor’s Policy:

All letters submitted as an endorsement of a political candidate, referendum or political program will follow the same guidelines as above; however, they will be charged $40.00 per letter up to 250 words in length. Longer political letters will be accepted but will be charged $10.00 per 50 additional words. All political letters must be prepaid before printing. Letters to the editor will not be accepted from election candidates or representatives of an organization endorsing their own referendum, as they are clearly advertisements and not opinion pieces; these submissions will be forwarded to our advertising department to serve as paid advertisements.

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