Looking for the perfect little black swimsuit? This London brand has you covered

In 2019, Anna Laub of Prism London got into the “swintimate trend” by launching Prism Squared, a line of 3-in-1 basics that can double as swimwear, underwear and activewear. Now the collection is coming to the US with a launch at Bergdorf Goodman today and other US retailers including Bandier and Ssense shortly after. The perfect little black swimsuit (or bodysuit or leotard) is closer than ever.

“It’s kind of a rebirth for Prism, because Prism Squared is a new line that we launched a few months before the COVID lockdown, so until now it didn’t exist in the real world,” says the founder. and designer Anna Laub. She also adds, “We’ve had an amazing response to Prism Squared in the UK because it’s such a unique product, so we’re really excited that our friends and customers in the US have more accessibility to the line.”

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Prism – it also creates beachwear and eyewear – and Prism Squared. As well as being versatile, the line is “3D knitted in a family-run factory in Italy using a production technique that minimizes waste,” says Laub. The dyeing process is also Greenpeace certified. But above all, Laub hopes that by making products that can be used for so many different activities, people will buy fewer of them. Laub’s designs are classic, with clean lines and a neutral color palette. You can imagine wearing them with just about anything in your closet.

The collection only comes in 2 sizes, but they are designed to fit from size 2 to size 22. (A size 1 fits 2-14 and size 2 fits 16-22.) “J I have friends who wore pieces throughout their pregnancy from the 1st month to the 9th month and then after the birth,” says Laub. And they are also relatively affordable, for high quality clothes that are consciously made. a flawless v-neck piece sells for $110, while a pair of Evolve medium-coverage bottoms are $48.If you were to perform a cost-per-garment analysis on your wardrobe, these would likely top the list. .

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