LOVE HERO uses Creazioni Digitali and Kornit Digital for versatile and eco-friendly fashion making on demand

“Brands like ours need to create ethical clothing, so that consumers realize that it is possible, on demand. Selling bespoke lifestyle clothing is quite possibly the way of the future.

Düsseldorf, Germany – Kornit Digital, a global market leader in on-demand sustainable digital textile production technologies, announced that London-based fashion brand LOVE HERO is using Kornit’s sustainable, digitized and on-demand production capabilities to offer its full range of natural products. -themed clothing.

With a vision to bring together brilliant images inspired by natural elements and landscapes with a core philosophy of introducing biodegradable fabrics, environmentally friendly production processes and litter-free sales modeling for consumers, LOVE HERO s t is turned towards Creazioni Digitali and its Kornit Digital on- requiring production capacities to realize the creations of the brand. All fabrics are traceable and certified via their blockchain platform, Retraced, in order to minimize their ecological footprint. Sewing and cutting operations take place in Portugal.

Brand designer and co-founder Joshua Scacheri recently put forward his vision for a more sustainable fashion paradigm as a candidate on Amazon Prime Make the cut reality series. One of her winning designs in the series is now available through Amazon Fashion.

“On-demand production takes a lot of the risk of what will or will not sell,” says Scacheri. “Brands like ours need to create ethical clothing, so that consumers realize that it is possible, on demand. Selling bespoke lifestyle clothing is quite possibly the way of the future. We intend to use Kornit technology exclusively.

“With creations inspired by our environment and the versatile and environmentally friendly production practices that this digital capability on demand offers, we are empowering ordinary people to live extraordinary lives,” he adds.

LOVE HERO is currently engaged with Kornit on the print mechanics of silk, biodegradable nylon and other miscellaneous materials to support the Joshua brand vision. One of those applications involves double-sided fabrics: nylon on top and cotton on the reverse.

“Designers like Joshua are on a mission to educate consumers about responsible production and how it is now compatible with custom design,” adds Scott Walton, retail transformation manager at Kornit Digital. “They demonstrate the possibilities of luxury, fashion on demand and allow designers to have their sketches scanned, printed and shipped from an efficient micro-factory production site. We in turn educate designers, and we create a local production ecosystem through KornitX so they can find a nearby Kornit-compatible print shop to create samples of their designs and have their collections filled within two weeks.

“Kornit is committed to becoming the operating system for sustainable fashion achievement, on demand,” said Chris Govier, CEO of KDEU. “With visionary creators like Joshua and LOVE HERO ready to test the limits of our design and color capabilities, and our growing network of digital producers ready to make those visions tangible with speed, economy and quality around the world, we ” change the public perception of what digital can do – respond to the global imperative for sustainability, without requiring compromise from any actor in this value chain.

Love Hero presents its designer collection today at London Fashion Week.

Buy the LOVE HERO collection today.

Find out how Kornit Digital is committed to enabling a cleaner and more responsible textile industry.

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