New York photographer defends charging $100 more for plus-size models

A New York photographer is defending himself after a modeling agent and former model criticized him in a TikTok post about test rates with some of his clients. Megan Mesveskas created Model Nexus after spending years trying to make it in the industry herself. When she became a manager, she prioritized building successful careers for a wide range of organizations. In the TikTok she posted, Mesveskas said she reached out to New York-based photographer William Lords to see if he would be willing to work with some of her models. In response, an anonymous representative from Lords’ office told Mesveskas that the photographer had two rates for photographing models. The rate for the “standard” models would be $950, but it would be $1,050 for the “plus/curve” models. According to Lords, for the test shoots, he operates as both a stylist and a photographer, which means he researches the models. Lords said styling plus-size models in “the coolest creative clothes” requires more work because many designers don’t produce clothes in their size. “A little simple math and you can find a fair price structure that doesn’t penalize women for their bodies,” Mesveskas said. Ultimately, Mesveskas knows that Lords is just a small symptom of a bigger problem. “I don’t think focusing just on the Lords is helpful,” she said. “But if we can continue to shed light on how models deemed ‘non-standard’ are handled, we can continue to cut corners on the status quo”

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