Notice of public sale Storage Rentals of America 1604 CAMP | Auction

Notice of Public Sale Storage Rentals of America 1604 CAMP LANE, ALBANY, GA 31707 The property of the following tenant(s) will be sold for cash to satisfy rental liens in accordance with Georgian Code 10-4-210 and following for lien statutes of Georgia. All items will be sold or otherwise disposed of. The sale will take place online at on June 23, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST. All goods will be sold as is. Not all items or spaces may be available at time of sale. All sales are final and a $100 refundable cleaning deposit is required for all sales. A8/Pamela Howell/BOXES, FURNITURE, SOFA, MATTRESS, HEATER, TELEVISION, APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, FAN, TRUNK, LUGGAGE A20/Erick Williams/FURNITURE, CHAIRS, MATTRESS, HEADBOARD, LOVESEAT, SOFA, COVER, COMFORTER A70 /Stephanie Johnson/TOTES, CLOTHES, SHOES, HANDBAG, SPEAKER, CHILDREN’S TOYS A711/Eric Davis/TOTES, MATTRESS, HEADBOARD, LAMP, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, CLOTHES, CAR PART A703/Jermain Jones/TOTES , DRY VACUUM, GENERATOR, WEED EATER, FREEZER, BAGS, FAN 0412C/Myesha Quimbly/FURNITURE, SOFA, CHAIRS O416B/Christian Slaughter/FURNITURE, FOLDING BED, APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, LUGGAGE, CLOTHING, OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT O528/Centia Carter/BOXES, TOTES, MATTRESS, DESK, KITCHENWARE, APPLIANCES, HOUSEWARE, CHILDREN’S TOYS, CLOTHING O556/Tedrick McGowan/BOXES, TOTES, FURNITURE, CHEST, CHAIR, APPLIANCES. AIR COMPRESSOR, COOLER O617/Natasha Westbrook/TOTES, MATTRESS, CHAIR, SOFA, HOUSEWARE, CLOTHING, BEDDING, HOME DECOR O716/Bethany Phelps/BOXES, FURNITURE, SOFA, SOFA, TABLE, HOUSEWARE BH68/Setoria Hightower/BOXES, TOTES, CLOTHES, COT, DECORATIONS, TREE BH70/Setoria Hightower/BOXES, SOFA, BED, GARDEN CHAIRS, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, LAWN MOWER, WEED EATER

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