Pandemic Plus Point: Body Positivity Trends Are A Welcome Change

The pandemic has spawned new trends and one of them is very positive – promoting body positivity. Scroll through any social media platform and you will most likely come across related hashtags such as #sizeinclusivity, #styleabovesize, #inclusivefashion, #curvyconfidence #plussizebeauty, and #bodypositivity. They all aim to celebrate her body as it is.

A welcome trend, say designers

Celebrity stylist and designer Shachina Heggar is all about the trend and calls it “for a long time.” “I am happy that awareness of being positive for the body is finally taking hold – all thanks to the pandemic. Social media consumption has been high since COVID-19, and people are exposed to content that is different from the conventional stereotype of the cover page template. The content creators are producing material related to body positivity and this has helped to raise awareness that all body types are beautiful, ”she said, adding that many of her friends, who previously had inhibitions about their body. bodies have become more comfortable with who they are – all thanks to social media.

This, in turn, has made people less critical of plus-size people and even now brands are slowly becoming sensitive to this segment, observes body positivity promoter and stylist Tejaswini Kranti. “Being tall myself, I accept myself more and social media is one of the main reasons. Many tall people including me share their travels on social media and it has been an inspiration to many to change their own belief systems and not apologize for their bodies, ”Tejaswini shares.

Stylist and content creator Rebecca Ireland testifies that over the past year she has seen many clients gain body confidence. “For a long time, black was the color of choice for the heaviest people, because it gave a slimming effect. Now, thanks to exposure on social media, colors and patterns have made their way into the closets of people of all sizes and shapes. It makes a difference in their personality. It’s now easier to convince taller customers to experiment with their sartorial choices with such content on social media, ”says Rebecca.

Self-love is the way to go

Being body positive has made Smitha S Aradhya, creative director of a digital company, much more confident. “I have been ashamed of the body my whole life, but now I fully appreciate this new version of me. Social media has changed my conception of my own body. I started by uploading pictures of my outfit of the day. . The likes and comments provided instant gratification and inspired me to post more posts like this. Today I am absolutely comfortable with who I am, “she said.

Housewife Vijetha Rai’s confidence took a hit after motherhood, as she hated the look of her body. “When I was shopping, everything I liked was in a smaller size. It was as if tall people didn’t deserve to wear nice clothes. But lately I’ve started seeing moms on social media who are my size or even taller uploading amazing photos. I only see their confidence, not their size. It inspired me to start reveling in who I really am. I am now experimenting with my clothes and my children are happy to see this change in me, ”shares Vijetha.

The other side of the coin

But all is not rosy. Society still has a long way to go to accept taller bodies. Actor and TV personality Shalini Satyanarayan shares, “I felt ashamed of my body and it continues to this day. Social media can promote all kinds of positive hashtags, but when you step into the real world, it’s is a whole different story. First and foremost, stores should educate their staff on basic customer etiquette. There have been many occasions when I have liked an outfit and the staff have looked at me like if I didn’t deserve to wear it. Worse yet, they tell me it’s not right for me. Comments like this stay in your mind forever. The awareness about body types may have started some conversations, but we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, I will continue to celebrate who I am. ”

Fashion brands must have inclusive images

Recently, an online debate about some designers and brands shaming tall customers has made the news. So, is the retail market really aimed at this segment?

“Brands need to create collections that appeal to all body types while making sure the styles are flattering for everyone. However, in order for the consumer to be convinced and feel confident about purchasing certain outfits, it is essential that they see the outfit on someone they can relate to. Therefore, brands should use inclusive images in their campaigns, ”observes Sidhant Keshwani, managing director of an ethnic Indian fashion brand that offers sizes from 3XL to 6XL.

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