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Ashland, OR – April marks the start of the Ashland Schools Foundation’s annual fundraiser, and Saturday brings bright green lawn signs throughout Ashland to remind the community of this annual opportunity to give.

This year, the Foundation wants to raise $100,000 in April to support teachers and students in the Ashland School District.

The Foundation states, “Our super power converts donations into classroom grants (for fun and innovative projects) and also into grants for larger, site-wide programs in schools.” One of the projects supported by the Foundation is the Truth-to-Power mural at Ashland High School.

The Ashland Schools Foundation (ASF) has launched its 2022 program Annual fundraiser yesterday to replenish funds distributed through its Classroom Impact Grant and Educational Support Grant programs. ASF says the money raised this month will be made available to educators in the Ashland School District who apply for grants during the 2022-23 school year.

ASF says, “Since 1989, ASF has worked to secure a vision of a dynamic, holistic education for every student in Ashland Schools by bridging the gap between district funding and teachers’ great ideas for their classrooms. The foundation collects community support in the form of donations and distributes it to teachers in the form of grants, which they apply for through an app By the end of the current school year, $125,000 in funding of regular grants and an additional $40,000 in special project funding will be distributed to the Ashland School District.”

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The Foundation says grants of all sizes have been awarded over the years, ranging from funds for the purchase of classroom books to support for major fundraising campaigns, such as this year’s purchase of new instruments for music programs. colleges and high schools. Over the past few years, the Foundation says it has responded to the needs of the changing classroom landscape by providing additional resources to support remote learning and promote equity among students.

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ASF offers further examples of its support for education, saying, “This spring at John Muir Outdoor School, a Classroom Impact grant was awarded to start a ‘Rain Gear Library’ that puts outdoor clothing from quality available to every student who participates in outdoor learning. , a larger education support grant has been issued to train district educators to facilitate social-emotional circles among students and staff – a practice that meets the needs of students who have become a priority over the past 24 months The Kindergarten student will receive a special Welcome Readiness Package that will include supplies and materials to help them prepare for elementary school in the fall.

“Teachers have so many brilliant ideas for projects and programs that they want to share with their students,” says Erica Thompson, ASF Executive Director.

More information about ASF grant programs is available at

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