The 10 Most Expensive Hoodies Money Can Buy

Hoodies are best described as a warm hug you can wear. The humble hoodie has had quite an exciting and colorful history. This sportswear classic has moved from the field to the track over the past century, making it more of an urban subculture fashion. We can confidently say that the hoodie has come a long way since Champion Products created it for its workers; this company claims to have made the first hoodie. Hoodies have grown in popularity in recent years as people consider them to be the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing available. Young men, usually surfers or skateboarders, wore hoodies and popularized the style in the western United States, especially in California. Hoodies have become a wardrobe standard whatever the season, hot or cold, and everyone loves wearing these attractive sweatshirts with attached hoods. When worn in a certain way, the hoodie can bring out an urban and sophisticated look that we all crave. The hoodie is a special piece of clothing because it represents many of the stories that define our time, including stories about youth culture, racism, socio-economic inequality, subculture, privacy, and ultimately the style. It becomes even more of a treat when you add a touch of luxury to your selection of hoodies. Luxurious hoodies have the ability to enhance an all-around outfit while providing unparalleled comfort. With that in mind, this article lists the ten most expensive hoodies you can buy.

10. Les Tien Cropped Hoodie – $459

Les Tien’s cropped hoodies will up your fashion game; you are guaranteed to step out in style. This hoodie is made of cotton and has a relaxed fit, long sleeves, a kangaroo pocket and elasticated cuffs. The Les Tien cropped hoodie is a great choice to start a collection of luxury hoodies. Offering the highest level of pristine pieces, the brand relies on high-quality materials to make an impression. This particular hoodie retails for around $459.

9. Jacquemus The Wave Sweatshirt – $475

During Fashion Week, Jacquemus is known to put on another spectacular show. The charming wave logo print is splashed across the front of an organic cotton hoodie in a vibrant hue, with bright white piping to the trims. The brand adds contrast piping to the hoodie, which also has a front pocket and an adjustable drawstring hood. Jacquemus, through this hoodie, offers the best to its customers.

8. OAMC Printed Sweatshirt – $535

You can pair your OAMC print sweatshirt with chic jeans and chucks to rock the weekend. This classic hoodie keeps you warm and fashionable with a cool graphic print on the back, ribbed cuffs, full front zip, ribbed waistband, hood and long sleeves. The best thing about luxury hoodies is the fabric they’re created from; OAMC hoodies are renowned for being made from one of the finest cotton fabrics.

7. Marni Hoodie – $690

The luxury brand Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni. Marni maintains mastery of her unique hybrid aesthetic. The Marni hoodie belongs to this list of the ten most expensive hoodies since it is a luxurious hoodie from a stylish company. The hoodie is primarily priced at $690. The hoodie features a high quality blank canvas that serves as the backdrop for a stunning brushstroke in the center of this Marni hoodie.

6. Balenciaga PS5 Sweatshirt – $995

This good quality cotton hoodie from a surprise special edition after the launch of Sony’s PS5 console features co-branded graphics that make it unique. Cristobal Balenciaga founded the famous luxury company Balenciaga in Spain in 1918. The luxury house Balenciaga has long been a global fashion powerhouse. This hoodie is the result of the collaboration between Balenciaga and Sony Playstation5. Balenciaga has demonstrated that partnerships do not need to be consistent. Indeed, the further apart the realms, the more intriguing the collaboration.

5. Gallery Dept x Lanvin Relaxed Hoodie – $1025

The most expensive hoodie on our list is $1025. The price alone shows how exquisite this hoodie is. Gallery Dept. and Lanvin have just released this hoodie as a new collection as part of the second release of their partnership. This classic piece is one of the best results of the collaboration.

4. Raf Simons Grimcrawler Hoodie – $1110

Raf Simons is the king of oversized hoodies, and this season’s collection is as good as it’s ever been. Raf Simons, a Belgian fashion designer, launched his first men’s collection in 1995. This brand’s hoodies have undergone unique and interesting evolutions over the years to ensure that their consumers and fans get the best . The Raf Simons Grimcrawler Hoodie is the true definition of class and luxury. This hoodie features different contemporary energies including youth culture, music, underground urban fashion and rebellion.

3. Gucci Logo Hoodie – $1300

Alessandro Michele reinvents the old Gucci logo in a surprising way, taking inspiration from vintage designs from the 1980s. On the front of an oversized hoodie in felted cotton jersey with a distressed look and that’s what makes this particular and unique hoodie. We are all aware that Gucci itself as a brand is a big deal. The Gucci Logo Hoodie is timeless, upscale and easy to wear. This is exactly what most of us are looking for when shopping for luxury hoodies.

2. Celine Hoodie – $1600

Celine creates elegant, clean and exquisite timeless pieces made of high quality materials that will last a lifetime, which is a plus. The brand was founded in Paris in 1945. Celine hoodies appear minimalist and basic from the first look; closer examination reveals that each coin contains an element of inventive and creative surprise and is therefore worth every coin. Celine produces not one but a different variety of good quality hoodies to choose from.

1. Dior Oblique Hoodie – $1950

The hoodies feature and highlight the iconic Dior Oblique motif. The Dior logo itself is the icing on the cake. It has a very comfortable oversized fit and is made of cotton terry and tone-on-tone jacquard. The sweatshirt has two side welt pockets and can be worn casually with sweatpants or even jeans if you are looking for a stylish but at the same time comfortable and casual look.

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