The fashion industry is renewing itself in 2022

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, December 4 (IANSlife): India has always been a key market for the global fashion industry. Even though it faces various challenges of inequality, infrastructure and market fragmentation; The sector is expected to exhibit strong economic growth, large scale and increasing digital disruption. Together, these elements will make the Indian market a global hub in the times to come.

According to McKinsey & Co.’s FashionScope report, the Indian clothing market is expected to be valued at $ 59.3 billion in 2022 and the Indian fashion industry will become the sixth largest market in the world.

India’s fashion industry has seen its fair share of struggles against the coronavirus outbreak last year. However, now that it is recovering with an improving situation, the industry is poised to move forward to trendy 2022.

Fashion entrepreneur Rubaina Adhikari shares some notable trends that will revamp the fashion industry next year:


Sustainability is a major trend that will dominate the fashion industry in times to come. Consumers are increasingly aware of Mother Nature and this is pushing brands to adopt eco-responsible practices. As global designers and retailers have started to embrace the sustainability path, others will soon follow their lead. The use of organic fabrics and natural dyes as well as recycling and upcycling are some of the popular initiatives that the industry is undertaking to take the path of sustainable development. In addition, the players also ensure that there is no waste at the end of the life cycle and allow shipping costs to be offset with carbon credits.

Comfort is the new style

Since the pandemic epidemic, consumer preferences have undergone a huge change. They now favor fashionable comfort and it has become the new fashion. COVID-19 paved the way for innovations and since then the athleisure market has made its way into people’s lives and wardrobes.

Solar shades and stripes: the upcoming trend

Along with nudes and pastels, solar hues are set to gain prominence in 2022. Hues such as gold, bronze, amber, marigold, etc. will dominate the fashion industry next year. Among prints and patterns, stripes and floral prints will make a comeback in wardrobes.

Fashion to become inclusive

The increase in the standardization of plus size clothing has paved the way for fashion to become inclusive. Taking advantage of the trend, various designers and brands are also standardizing double-digit clothing. Therefore, plus size clothing will carve out a dedicated market for itself.

The Indian fashion industry has always been a leading market, known for its innovative approach and for staying on top of the trend. The pandemic disrupted her to considerable levels, but she was quick enough to cope with the changes. It is now on the road to recovery and is ready to get a makeover in 2022!

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