Tips for Traveling Easily and Comfortably as a Plus-Size Person

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  • Traveling as a plus-size passenger can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before.
  • Avid traveler Kirsty Leanne uses her blog and TikTok account to share her tips and tricks.
  • Kirsty shared her key tips for making your vacation as easy and comfortable as possible.

Traveling for plus-size people is a seldom-discussed topic, something travel enthusiast and content creator Kirsty Leanne wants to change.

Originally from Shropshire in the UK, she quickly fell in love with travel after packing up and moving all her things to America for the summer at 19, she told Insider.

Having since traveled all over the world, she has documented her experiences as a plus-size person via Instagram as well as TikTok, where her viral video about the “emotional damage” of traveling as a plus-size person shared on February 15. has over 1.9 million views at the time of writing. She also has her own blog and launched a resource website dedicated to helping tall people travel easily and comfortably.

Kirsty shared her tips with Insider for making travel easier and more comfortable for tall people.

Find seat sizes for different airlines

Before booking flights, Kirsty, who told Insider she doesn’t use her last name online, suggests researching seat sizes to see which are best for tall travelers.

Most airlines will have these details on their website, with sites like Google Flights also having legroom data.

Always plan ahead when packing your suitcase

While this applies to all travelers, packing well as a plus-size traveler is much more important, according to Kirsty. She suggests using items like packing cubes to make the best use of your luggage, especially since plus-size clothes are larger and therefore take up more space.

Chafing shorts and pocket fans are also great things to pack, Kirsty added.

Don’t be afraid to ask for seat belt extenders, but don’t bring your own

Asking for seatbelt extenders can be inconvenient for some plus-size travelers, but you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for one to ensure you’re comfortable and safe throughout a flight. Kirsty told Insider.

However, while some travelers think they can avoid this embarrassment by bringing their own extender, Kirsty never recommends doing so as she said they might not be as safe as airline-owned ones. Ask your flight attendant when boarding or anytime before takeoff and they should be able to get you one, she said.

Research activities and their limits upstream

Certain vacation activities, such as kayaking, may have weight restrictions that can make it difficult or sometimes impossible for tall people to participate, Kirsty told Insider.

The best thing to do is contact the people organizing the activities to find out before booking, according to Kirsty. If there are limitations, she suggests researching and booking alternatives that are less likely to have weight restrictions to ensure you’re still having fun.

tall mountains

In Kirsty’s experience, almost any place is happy to make small tweaks to make your trip more enjoyable.

Kirsty Leanne/Kirsty Leanne Travel

Choosing a home doesn’t have to be difficult

Tall travelers often worry about the size of their room and the adjustments they might have to request, Kirsty said. However, in her experience, any issues she faced were often resolved very easily with the help of the hotel staff.

Requests can be as simple as asking to reserve a bottom bunk at a hostel or requesting a room with a larger bathroom at no extra cost, she said.

Follow social media accounts that look like you

There are many travel accounts and influencers on social media, but many of them have the same slim physique, Kirsty told Insider.

Finding accounts from other plus-size travelers can be a huge boost to your confidence, Kirsty said, because they show that traveling and participating in fun activities are accessible to everyone, regardless of size.

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