Uraraka anime is different from manga

My Hero Academia fans have made the astute point that the anime versions of the girls have a slimmer waistline than their manga counterparts.

It is not uncommon for an anime to be different from the manga it is based on. Often it is censorship; some things that are shown in the manga are just not suitable for daytime TV slots. Sometimes it is about constraints; There are times when the art of the anime does not or cannot achieve the same level of quality as the manga in the time or budget allocated. Edits like these can always be boring, especially for fans who have read the manga and can’t wait to see a faithful adaptation.

A fairly common change between anime and manga is the way women are drawn. An anime can go out of its way to ensure that female characters have large breasts or an hourglass figure. A piece, for example, is infamous for giving his women an oversized breast and an incredibly petite waist. Kohei Horikoshi My hero university seems to be another victim of the alteration of the body of women, especially with its main heroine Ochako Uraraka.

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MHA girls in swimsuits

A shrewd commenter’s response to a question on Quora sheds more light on this change. The question asks “In the My Hero Academia anime, is Ochaco Uraraka considered a plus size anime character?” The commentator claims that the anime version of Ochako is not, but the manga version could be. They provide a side-by-side comparison of a scene from both works depicting Ochako in a cheerleader outfit to illustrate this point. Sure enough, Ochako’s manga counterpart has a significantly larger waistline than his anime counterpart.

Another commentator adds to this by explaining what it means to be “plus size”. They define plus size as “a clothing size designed for people who are taller than average.” They too illustrate their definition with examples of “plus size” women in real life. Compared to these women, the Ochako anime has a relatively “average” build.

Other fans provide pictures of more girls from the anime and manga to further illustrate the difference between the anime and manga versions. Some fans note that Ochako’s larger size is shared by his classmates. The consensus seems to be that Horikoshi’s idea of ​​the female form is closer to what a real woman would look like. The norm that the anime puts forward is not the societal norm that they would like audiences to believe.

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Commentators on the post have different opinions on what makes these characters look like they are. Some say it’s a styling choice while others say the Japanese (and other countries) don’t have the same definitions for mid-point fat and lean as Americans. There is another theory that manga Ochako might not eat healthy enough due to his low income education. However, others say she has more meat on her bones from the workout. Others mention that it takes strict diet and exercise to get Ochako’s body back, which a pro-hero-in-training could do. Whatever the reason for the difference in Ochako’s design, there seem to be all kinds of ways to justify or discredit him.

My Hero Academia's female characters follow a disturbing pattern

It should be emphasized that Horikoshi is not necessarily averse to drawing women with unconventional body types. In fact, he is notable for having given several of the women MHA a more muscular build than what Shōnen Jump readers are used to. Women like Nana Shimura, Rumi Usagiyama and Cathleen Bate all defy the convention of women with delicate frames; rather, they have well-toned bodies that match their strength.

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Horikoshi is also not against people of different body types. If we look past the many examples of people who look different because of their quirks, there are canonically overweight characters in MHA like Fatgum and Dr Garaki. If Horikoshi wants to definitely draw tall women and has a place for them in his narrative, he may well add them.

It’s safe to say that Horikoshi and the anime staff have different opinions on the female form. Horikoshi himself seems to be aiming for more realistic body types, but the anime seems to content itself with providing viewers with a more stereotypical figure. At the very least, Horikoshi seems to know how to credibly represent Ochako given his age and background. Whether Ochako and his classmates are plus size remains to be debated.

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