Visited one of Nottingham’s lowest rated Wetherspoon pubs – and it was spotlessly clean

Nottingham has many well-known Wetherspoon pubs in the city, but have you ever wondered what one of the popular chain’s lower rated pubs is like? According to TripAdvisor, the William Peverel in Bulwell is one of the lowest rated pubs in town. So community reporter Keimae Blake went to see if it was as lackluster as critics are making it sound…

I arrived around 9:30 on a cloudy Thursday morning. I had never been to the William Peverel before but I must say that I will definitely return.

One of the negative reviews on TripAdvisor had this to say about the William Perevel: “It pains me to give this place 1 star as when it opened it was the best Wetherspoon in Nottingham. I have had many good meals here but unfortunately it has really deteriorated.

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We have visited 4 times this month with my granddaughter and each time the place is so dirty. However, when I arrived the pub was spotlessly clean.

As I sat down I spotted many pints of Guinness and Carling. Whether people were sitting alone or having company, people seemed happier than ever – with many families enjoying the Easter holidays with Wetherspoon food.

I ordered a breakfast wrap from the bar and a hot chocolate. Breakfast wraps are £3.65. Inside are sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns and cheddar cheese.

There is nothing to complain about this breakfast wrap, 10/10!

At the bar I noticed that many of the staff knew people by name and their customers seemed to like them as well. While making my £1.20 hot chocolate the machine had a minor malfunction but a lovely member of staff came to help me out.

There is one thing about Wetherspoons and that is you can’t fault their food. Personally I think it’s great and I have no complaints with my breakfast.

As I sat and watched, the staff cleared away the empty tables. On the table next to me, three gentlemen chatted and gave his friend a free copy of today’s paper.

For me when I go anywhere hygiene standards and friendliness of staff are just as important as food quality so I then had a look in the ladies toilets which were absolutely flawless.

To say this was one of the lowest rated Wetherspoons, by the time I was leaving lots of people were arriving. I would definitely stay here again, I would give my overall experience a 9/10.

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