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Bring On The Heat: An Up North Insider’s Guide
By Krista Weaver | December 11, 2021

A good base
One of the most essential items to keep you warm is one that not many people will see, but it doesn’t hurt if it looks stylish too – especially if you like to get naked for your next session. -ski. The tops and bottoms of the Smartwool Merino 250 base layer are 100 percent merino wool, fitted and lightweight. They won’t pile up under other layers and wick sweat away from your body, keeping you warm and comfortable in cold weather. Plus, they even come in an ironic palm tree motif! Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Pattern Sweater, $ 110 & up, Backcountry North in Traverse City.

Portable blanket (photo)
Why not? Especially such a stylish, stylish and – gasp! – practical like the NorSari. This adjustable wrap easily attaches to any type of clothing and can and should be worn by anyone, male or female, looking for an extra layer of protection. The weather-resistant polyurethane shell and wool-blend lining of the NorSari Sport give you maximum warmth wherever your adventures take you, even if you’re sitting at your desk in an overly cold office. $ 149 Norsari.com.

Portable campfire
Be the party’s hit at your next outdoor gathering when you effortlessly put out a surprise campfire! At just 8 inches in diameter, the Radiate Portable Campfire fits into just about any bag or backpack. Light it like you would a candle, then relax and enjoy the 2-3ft flames, 3-5 hour burn time, and the admiration of friends and family. No embers, no smell of smoke, no mess. Eco-friendly, they are made from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes in a lidded box, making it easy to clean and safe. Little more: a shelf life of 30 years. $ 27.99 radiateportablecampfire.com

Use your head
A warm hat is essential for outdoor comfort in winter. A good helps your body to retain heat; a bad one triggers thoughts of the Donner Party. Whether you prefer a beanie, pom pom, headband or cap, a synthetic blend or woven wool, trust Eisbar’s designers to keep your noggin and ears warm and frost-free. Using only the highest quality yarns and knits, Eisbar has been the official supplier to the Austrian ski team for over 50 years. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about winter lids. The prices vary. Don Orr Ski Haus.

Splurge on your hands
For sub-zero conditions (or for anyone who just can’t keep their hands warm), Outdoor Research’s “Lucent” mittens and gloves might be the way to go. The nylon / leather design is battery powered, offers three heat settings and synthetic EnduraLoft insulation. The combo gives you up to eight hours of heat fed, but of course the higher the heat the shorter the battery life, so there is a trade-off. The other consideration is the price; at $ 359, heated gloves and mittens don’t suit every budget. A slightly cheaper option is the Arc’teryx Fission SV glove. GORE-TEX Fission is their warmest and most weather resistant glove. At $ 199, it’s built for the elements, yet durable and versatile enough for skiing, working outdoors, biking with fat tires, or drinking alcohol during the day. Local Outdoor Research retailers include Bearcub Outfitters, Backcountry North; Arc’teryx retailers include Backcountry North and The Outfitter of Harbor Springs.

Warm feet for victory
For years, the Over-the-Clf Full Cushion Socks from Smartwool Ski have been the first choice of skiers. Nevertheless, they make an equally effective winter sock, whatever your outdoor activity. It’s a mid-weight merino / synthetic blend sock that breathes, stretches, and is padded in all the right places. A warm, warming gift for the skier, runner, hiker or utility lineman in your life! $ 17, children (pictured here); $ 27 adults. Retailers include Don Orr Ski Haus.

Winter shoes “
Whether you are a seasoned driver or have a newbie who just got your license, excellent snow tires are an absolute must in Northern Michigan. That’s why we turn to those crafty Fins, tire makers Nokian Hakkapeliitta – or, as they call them in Findland, tires. Their R3s, in particular, are the best rated on the ice and have a short stopping distance. Solid handling in wet, dry, snowy, snowy or icy conditions allows your car to grip and ride without slipping, whether you accelerate or have to brake unexpectedly. Plus, reinforced sidewalls are your secret weapon against bumps and potholes – a must have in Michigan. Authorized dealers include Lakeshore Tire & Auto, Charlevoix; Precise Tire and Marathon Automotive, Traverse City; and Cadillac Tire, Cadillac. The prices vary.

Frostbite and hypothermia aren’t the only risks in freezing weather. Dehydration is also a legitimate health problem. The cold makes us believe that we are not thirsty, but our body loses a lot of water just by breathing (“Look! I can see my breath! Got it?) Plus all the extra clothes make our body work even harder than usual. Add to that the scientific fact that sweat evaporates faster in cold, dry air, and, next thing you know, you have zero attention span, a bad memory and you’re in a bad mood – just a few symptoms of dehydration. Plus, you know, chapped lips. Remember: women should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day and men should drink it 12. Camelbak’s Powderhound makes it easy, it has 12 liters of storage space, a 3-liter tank and an insulated “Therminator” harness so you can close the drinking tube inside. your shoulder strap. [Buh-bye frozen bite valve!] Bearcub and Backcountry North outfitters. 105 $ +

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