Which banks buy debts in Peru?

If you have several debts of different nature and with several institutions, you can group them into one. To find out the options available, we indicate here which banks buy debts in Peru.

It is possible to group all your bank debts into one, regardless of their nature. You can even combine debts contracted with different institutions, in another single debt contracted with another institution. This is achieved through a procedure offered by some banks, called debt consolidation, or simply purchase of debt.

What are the advantages of opting for a debt purchase?

What are the advantages of opting for a debt purchase?

  • It allows you to focus the payment of different debts on one, facilitating financial management.
  • The maintenance fees that generate debts decrease as they are focused on a single financial institution.
  • At present, there is competition between financial institutions in Peru that buy debts. This translates, in most cases, in the payment of lower interest that originates them.

Which banks buy debts in Peru?

Which banks buy debts in Peru?

1.- DEF

You can buy your debt, if it exceeds the minimum amount of 1,000 soles or $ 300.

2.- OutBank

It has an interesting option that allows you to advance payments to reduce interest. You can pay them in terms of 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.

3.- SCA

You can buy your debt from 1,000 soles, with payment term up to 60 months. It allows you to anticipate the total payment of the debt.

4.- Pomoner

This institution buys your debt, with a term of up to 72 months for payment. And it allows you to make an annual payment of up to 15% of the capital owed, without penalty.

5.- Dunker

Buy your debt up to 7 times of the salary you earn, with a minimum of 2,500 soles.

6.- Dinaju Bank

It gives you a period of 12 to 48 months, for purchase of debts from 1,000 and up to 50,000 soles.

7.- Melabank

You can buy your debt with a term of 12 to 48 months, and from 700 to 70,000

What is your best option?

What is your best option?

It is best to quote with all banks, that you can achieve here.

A home equity loan is a good option, as it is a loan that has low rates.


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